Consistent declines in particular circumstances (Contactless at retailers not used before)

Has anyone else found similar problems? If I make a purchase at a retailer I’ve never visited before and attempt to pay via contactless, if the value is greater than around £20 there’s a very high chance the payment is declined. Inserting the card and paying via chip + pin works fine after the decline, there is no issue with the underlying card. Another weird case I’ve had is about 1 in 10 times ‘anti-embarassment’ mode simply doesn’t kick in when it should have otherwise been triggered, decline on primary card and no attempt made to process via backup card.

Note these issue aren’t occuring at weird small retailers etc., they’ve always happened with large well-known and established high street chains.

Seems it’s not unique to contactless. I just repeatedly tried to make a £510 payment online, and again anti-embarrassment mode failed every single time.

And now I’ve just had a transaction online show as declined on my primary, but gone through on the backup card, but overall be a declined transaction from the point of view of the retailer… another support ticket for Curve to look at.

I have seen behavior I can describe as

  1. A and B are the anti-embarassment cards. If app is set to card C and it fails, then the system works and tries A and eventually B to settle the transaction.
  2. A and B as above, but if the app is set to A and it fails, B doesn’t kick in at all.
  3. Haven’t tried what happens when A and B as above and the app is set to B and it fails.
    (Having this confirmed by @EamonnDH I would like to report it to @nicb and @Skarra as a bug.)

I think I’m encountering scenario 2 in your example. I’m trying to use card A as the default payment, and it’s not failing over to B when A is out of funds. Anti-embarassment settings are set as 1: A, 2: B.

I have it set this way as I do want to use B explicitly for certain purchases, as well as smart rules that direct transactions to B, and having the anti-embarassment there to back it up should either fail is nice, if only it worked reliably.

Though this is all secondary to the new-retailer issue I’m having which is not triggered by insufficient funds etc. on the underlying card, but is Curve themselves rejecting the transaction. Happened this weekend buying popcorn at the cinema in the town that I live in, hardly a unusually large or suspicious transaction. As before, contactless rejected, chip + pin accepted. Had the same scenario when visiting a nearby B&Q for some DIY supplies, garden centers, buying cinema tickets online. Anywhere I haven’t purchased from before there’s a ridiculously high chance Curve rejects the transaction on first attempt for no apparent reason, especially with contactless transactions.

To clarify regarding your bug report, I’ve had it fail both if A or B is used as the primary card with no obvious pattern of when/how I used it to encounter this failure.

@HNF-01 thanks for reporting this. I’ll pass the information on to the team.