Constant Refund Problems

Every time a vendor issues a refund to my curve card, it never appears on my underlying card without me opening a ticket. This is consistently really poor, never mind the fact it takes so long for responses to messages to occur. I’ve gone from a big fan to reluctant to use Curve apart from for items I know there is zero chance I’ll be returning. Anyone have similar issues?


Never had this issue. Using curve does however take a little bit longer for the refund to reach my underlying card, but that doesn’t bother me too much

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I too have the same issue!

Been waiting 8 days for a part refund from Debenhams to appear. Raised a ticket about it this evening. Very poor.

I’m 12 days waiting now. I have 3 more refunds due in the next few days and have absolutely zero confidence they’ll come through. Not sure what I can do, support don’t seem to respond in any real fashion.

I’ve sent a complaint to curve, again I don’t hold out much hope.

I’ve had this issue numerous times in the past, with Amazon refunds taking almost 2 weeks in total (2 days for Amazon and then 7-8 days with Curve, including a nudge for it) but recently found that if I can highlight the refund to Curve Support at the outset, it comes through quicker if urgent. 2 weeks ago I needed a large refund back from Amazon, got the email confirmation from them (Amazon) that the process had begun so I forwarded this to support to state the urgency and it cleared into my underlying account 2 days later.

Shouldn’t have to be the case, but I am sure they are working on a quicker solution, which is why we are all here to test it out.

Having refund notifications from Curve is handy to have in my eyes compared to nothing from my bank and me constantly logging on to online banking to check…

I really wouldn’t be so sure…

But surely you still have to log into your online banking to check when the refund hits your account as that could happen days/weeks after getting the notification from Curve. It does at least mean you know the retailer has processed the refund which is a good thing.

I haven’t had this problem personally, but I do know that if the retailer doesn’t specifically refund a transaction Curve don’t know which underlying card to refund.

I believe the retailer should pass the original transaction ID to the card provider as part of the refund process - if they just process a credit, then Curve aren’t always able to identify the transaction. They are supposed to email you to check which card to refund to, but I imagine that only happens on a ‘once an x basis’

The problem is particularly an issue with partial refunds, but if there is a particular retailer perhaps it would be worth highlighting this.

Bear in mind that card refunds do not appear on your underlying card account at all for as much as 7 working days.

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Hi i agree that the refund process through Curve is very slow , I must admit that I have recieved refunds but at a snails pace. It would be great if this could be corrected…

The other aspect to this is the support, or lack of. You might get a reply in an hour, or 3-4 days. When you respond with the requested info it’s the same again. After this batch of refunds eventually appear on my account, I’m abandoning Curve. I just can’t be bothered with the poor service when there are plenty of alternatives.

I added my card to a payment service at 5 November. 12 November I received email from Curve that it was refunded. I am still waiting for refund on my card assigned with Curve card. I will let you know when I will get refund.

We are able to do automatic refunds for some transactions and are eagerly working on automating everything :smile:


This is made worse by Curve altering the value of the original transaction by the refunded account - rather than showing it separately in the app - with no audit trail showing what they have done

That’s a bit of a concerning revelation, what if a user doesn’t contact you about a refund that doesn’t go through automatically?

Does Curve just hold this money until the user claims it back?

Sorry if I’m reading it wrong.

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Another day rolls on by with no response from anyone in curve to either my complaint or the original ticket. It’s just shoddy.

today my transaction was refunded on my bank card (authorization held by transaction one week, Curve returned it automatically after 2 and a half-day) without any action from my side. So, in my opinion, it is quite good timing.

What curve should add is a section of the app that will list the last 5-10 refunds.

Sometimes my refund is for a transaction I made over a month ago and while I do get a notification of the refund I have to scroll down a lot to find the original transaction in order to find the refund.

I recently signed up to curve and submitted a ticket to ask about how a refund will get processed - I don’t mind that the refund will take while to come through, but hate the fact that more than 24hrs have passed with no acknowledgement of my query.

In case anyone here has a quick answer: Debenhams refunded my Curve card, but I later realised I’d used my actual bank card (one which I’ve now got linked to Curve and have been using through Curve, but with different retailers) to make the original purchase.

Will this sort itself out or is my refund lost forever in cyberspace? Anyone got experience of this happening? Thanks

You’ll get an email from the team asking which card you’d like the refund to go on!