Constantly declining in multiple stores, using GooglePay

I’m using Google pay and linked to chase bank primary, revolut secondary

I made a payment this morning without issue…but every subsequent transaction has been declined.

I get decline notifications from Google pay saying curve declined. But nothing shows in curve or my linked cards.

Any thoughts?

Hi @simonhunter87,

Please try to unlink your curve card from google pay and link it again after a few minutes.

Will do. But any reason why this would happen?

Also that didn’t fix it. I’ve logged it but no-one is replying

Please get in contact with Curve via this ticket form:

Is that instead of in app chat contact us. V odd! But will do.

No, both will create a support ticket. So if you’ve already contacted them through the in-app ‘chat’ I would actually advise against contacting them through the form as well. Just like Curve is advising themselves:

Instead I would contact them on Twitter (@AskCurve) and ask for an update on your already created (in-app) ticket.

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