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Long story short: Airline flights I booked using Curve were cancelled. Reported to my credit card company (Barclaycard) who originally refunded the money and launched a dispute. A few months later the transaction reappeared as a debit on my credit card. Queried with Barclaycard who said as the payment was made through a 3rd party (Curve) I have to have Curve process the refund.

Query is ongoing with Curve but has anyone else encountered this problem and know whether the Consumer Protection Laws are still valid when using a 3rd party to process transactions?

You can claim the money back with curve
Under MasterCard service / goods not delivered


Check this out :point_down:

Curve Customer Protection | Curve


if you are asking about UK section 75 credit card protection, it does not cover credit card payment made through 3rd party (including paypal, curve etc), and Barclaycard is not liable in this case, you need to rely on Curve/Mastercard’s protection.

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Hey @nathancraig1290, sorry to hear that you’ve had an issue with your flights. As Jil mentioned, when you make a transaction with your Curve Card then you need to raise any disputes through Curve.

Because using Curve isn’t a direct purchase from your underlying credit card, you aren’t covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. If you raise a dispute with your bank (Barclaycard in this case) then they will view Curve as the merchant and will try to dispute the transaction with Curve.

However, you’re covered by Curve Customer Protection and are also protected by Mastercard chargeback rights. Our team can raise a dispute on your behalf to get the money back from the merchant.


As your experience shows, you’re better of using your credit card directly - section 75 is a legal entitlement, not just a benefit promised by Curve/PayPal.

This is further reinforced fact Barclaycard refunded you quickly, without question (even when they weren’t liable!) where as searching this forum will show loads of complaints (even though many have been removed…) about Curve being slow with refunds like this.

Bonus tip - section 75 covers you in full even if you only put a part of the payment on your credit card.

Thanks Hannah. Talking to Curve now who have been fantastic!


Update: Been told by the Curve that the merchant is refusing to refund me as I have fallen outside of the 120 day timeframe allowed. This timeframe was missed because I had assumed everything was settled as I had received a refund from Barclaycard and was not made aware I had to claim through Curve till after this timeframe had passed. I do not think I should be shouldering the burden of this and am significantly out of pocket so any advice / help would be grately appreciated…