Contacting Curve Support?

Yes. Feel like the app support mail is not functioning as it should. Dont think it opens any tickets at all

Mine just reloads the support page and deletes what I’ve wrote, it 100% does not open a support ticket. I’ve emailed them directly a number of times, that does create a ticket. But I just don’t get any response anymore. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I had better experience with their facebook instant messages. Maybe you could try there.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll give that a go!

I"ve emails and sent in-app messages. Although still waiting for a response (longest is three days so far), I do get an automated email confirm receipt of the “ticket” …

I have paid the full amount of £150 for curve metal and I am also being ignored by customer support in regards to a couple of issues I raised with them.

You, and me + many other’s I think too. Oldest ticket is about three days old for me with no reply.

Well, at least it isn’t just me. I can only assume they’re flooded with support tickets at the moment. I’ve been waiting 4-5 days so far :frowning: I have issues with the service I’m paying for, it would be nice if they made support a priority.

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Yeah it’s really frustrating and really unprofessional. I think the service they have launched for Amex is botched and then the support they are given in return for a monthly payment is atrocious.

I have been charged twice for one transaction on my Amex wallet and had no reply. Really annoying.

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You’re lucky to even have that Amex ability. I was invited to the closed beta and last week and still haven’t been able to verify my Amex. I’ve been in touch and haven’t heard anything yet.

I fully agree that first and foremost in any list of benefits to paying for metal - especially if it’s the fully £150 up front - is access to a responsive, dedicated helpline. That is vastly more attractive to me than questionable car hire and travel insurance ‘benefits’. For example, one question I have, following migration to metal, is why does nothing happen in App when I click ‘View your spending limits’? Occasionally I do see a screen with nothing on it other than ‘Was this article helpful?’
Err… NO!!!

So I just got a response to my email ticket, unfortunately it wasn’t of much help and all of my issues are still on the app. Hopefully I can get some further responses and they can resolve them for me.

Tusker, same thing for me regarding spending limits. However I did manage to get to spending limits via the settings page.

For me, I still only have 3 cashback retailers, when I try and add more it says I must upgrade to Black?! Along with multiple other issues I have.

I submitted a ticket 5 days ago and am still waiting for a response from them. I’m willing to be lenient, as they appear to be having some issues with regards to subscriptions roll out, but I would love for them to be a bit more transparent on this.

well… They didnt even bother replying to this forum post. though they are active replying elsewhere… To me, even a simple in this post such as:

“apologies for the delay in response as we are currently receiving high volumes of tickets. We aim to respond to you at the earliest possible time”

would have made us feel that our concerns are being noted. And thats what customer support to me should be. I dont expect them to solve everything, if not that would be called customer solutions. But the decision to just ignore is just…

But then again, cant blame them too much seeing how much of a shit storm they seem to be in for the roll out of the subscription. Really bad planning.

To me, this rollout seems very half-baked. The app that I was using before this already seemed rough around the edges, so I would have expected that to be improved before big changes happened. The rollout was confusing to me, even though I closely follow the community so I’m not sure what an average user would do to determine how to navigate the new system (I did get an untimely email so there’s at least some communication?).

In any case, Curve seems to be in a bit of a bind since they probably need more time and possibly developers to improve their app. Until that happens, they’ll need a lot more CS to help customers resolve issues. We’ll have to see what happens over the next few weeks and months, it’s a period of accelerated growth, but also will show growing pains.

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Yeh, I agree. It’s clear to see Curve are rapidly expanding, and it’s good to be apart of it. But I myself am part of a tech company that went through rapid expansion and the number one priority was customer satisfaction. I honestly feel like Curve have neglected that side of things. They’re just ignoring the issues instead of acknowledging contact.

I understand not all Curve staff are trained in the technical aspects, nor do they have the power to fix bugs. However a simple response to acknowledge the issue, and even escalate issues raised within the company would go a long way.

I don’t mind waiting for the issues to be raised, but it took me raising this forum thread to get a response to my support ticket (which I replied back to within 15 minutes and heard nothing since).

I just hope Curve will compensate users that cannot use the platform correctly because of all the bugs.

I’ve been a long time Curve user, a beta tester, and now a Metal subscriber. I’ve had no problems overall with Curve and appreciate the work they’ve been doing, but if there’s one gripe I have with them, it’s definitely their customer support. Compared to other fintechs, their response times are generally much longer. I’ve once had to reach out and DM them on Twitter before I was able to get a response after about a week of patiently waiting. In addition, the email ticket system with no way to track the progress of requests does not help. Again, I realise the Curve team are probably going through an influx of requests right now with all of the changes and new customers but it would be appreciated, especially for their premium paying customers, to get a response in a decent timeframe.


I’ve already logged with them that the in-app ticket logging is broken, the best way is to email them. Sadly I feel like they are probably inundated with emails post launch of the new products (planning for and resourcing for this aside) I suspect this is why they are taking longer to reply.

It’s interesting to see the way they have implemented this. They use Zendesk, for which I am an admin for at my work (you can spot the email template a mile away as well as the customer feedback form as well as the online support portal) and for some reason they have chosen to mask the ticketID and ability to track tickets online (see its status, update ticket, resolve ticket yourselves). I do wonder why they would do this as personally our customers much prefer being able to see the status of their tickets.

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Good question. You can reach us via your app, or DM us on Twitter and Facebook. We have a record number of open queries right now and do apologise for the wait.

No one will or have been ignored. Everyone will receive a reply, please bear with us.

In addition to hiring and training new members of the Customer Support team we are developing FAQs and have created this community. You post your questions in the Help Category, we’ve also started January Launch FAQs

For any queries about your account, card, transactions, and app we ask you to contact Support as they have the expertise and system access to help you.