Contacting Curve Support?

I’ve already logged with them that the in-app ticket logging is broken, the best way is to email them. Sadly I feel like they are probably inundated with emails post launch of the new products (planning for and resourcing for this aside) I suspect this is why they are taking longer to reply.

It’s interesting to see the way they have implemented this. They use Zendesk, for which I am an admin for at my work (you can spot the email template a mile away as well as the customer feedback form as well as the online support portal) and for some reason they have chosen to mask the ticketID and ability to track tickets online (see its status, update ticket, resolve ticket yourselves). I do wonder why they would do this as personally our customers much prefer being able to see the status of their tickets.

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Good question. You can reach us via your app, or DM us on Twitter and Facebook. We have a record number of open queries right now and do apologise for the wait.

No one will or have been ignored. Everyone will receive a reply, please bear with us.

In addition to hiring and training new members of the Customer Support team we are developing FAQs and have created this community. You post your questions in the Help Category, we’ve also started January Launch FAQs

For any queries about your account, card, transactions, and app we ask you to contact Support as they have the expertise and system access to help you.