Contactless 3 & Out!

Possibly a dumb question but here goes…
If banks are forced to make you use chip and pin after every time a card is used 3 times contactless, will it be possible to do this through Curve or will it be necessary to carry the card I have loaded on Curve as well. In which case what would be the point in having Curve?

Hmmm - good question. I suspect the answer is no, but let’s get clarity from others (in case it’s yes :roll_eyes:).

It struck me that the question hadn’t been posed previously and needs clarifying - in that sense, it was a comment not an answer.

The transactions on your underlying cards are always online when you’re using them through Curve, regardless of how the Curve card is used. So any limitations on contactless on an underlying card is irrelevant (for Curve).
The more pertinent question is if online payments are going to be restricted somehow, and what problems that may cause for Curve payments.

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Is Curve enforcing the need to enter a PIN after 5 contactless transactions or whatever ? I have had communication from Revolut on this but nothing from Curve.

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Your Curve experience will not be affected by the introduction of SCA. Payments through Curve appear as e-commerce transactions to your underlying card issuer and are classified as ‘Merchant Initiated Transactions’ as we have verified your payment card using SCA when linking it to Curve.

This means that Curve transactions to your payment card are exempt from SCA which will allow you to continue making payments seamlessly!