Contactless fail!

New user here, standard blue plastic card…

After my first transaction with my PIN, my second transaction worked fine contactless but since then it keeps failing and asking me to insert card and input my PIN!

Very annoying. Not impressed, is it just me?

Hello @rwleigh,
Could you try to withdraw cash at an Atm and try a contact less payment again?
You can also ask to the support team for help

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I’m a new user and mine is working just fine. Only used it once Chip and pin to activate. Numerous contactless payments have gone through and one atm use to check that is working OK.

So unable to answer if it is JUST you, but mine is working just fine .

Just been to an ATM and withdrew £100 and that worked fine so i’ll try the contactless again later.

So to update this thread, I’ve just got back from the pub where i was having a problem paying with contactless using my curve card and on both occasions i went to pay it worked perfectly! So maybe Will was on to something with asking me to use it at an ATM to withdraw cash. No idea why but for me tonight, it worked fine. Fingers crossed it works again tomorrow… :rofl:

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