Contactless Limit reached while hardly using my card

I have been using my curve card occasionally and now I can not use contactless when I hardly use my card. Does not make sense when I spend about £40 a month - how can this reach the limit!

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Thanks for your question.

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Hello @anayet,

You can see your SCA Limits here:

Using Chip&Pin once in a while will get rid of unwanted card declines due to SCA limit reached or use Apple/Google Pay.


But I have never made a single payment equal to or higher than £100 or the amount of contactless payment totalling to £300. Why is my contractless still blocked? Doesn’t make sense

Maybe you did too many non chip&pin transactions which then triggered SCA.

I hardly even my card. I am 64 years old, I occasionally go to the grocery shop and spend £20-30. It is very frustrating for me because I have trouble remembering my pin.

@anayet: Maybe change PIN in ATM to something super easy, like: 1000 ?


I have my Curve card on my watch. When I have spent £300 it says that the contactless limit has been reached and I need to use chip and pin. This defeats the object of having it on my watch if I will always have to carry the card as a backup. Have I got this wrong?

@Mickanna: I am afraid this is some kind of legal requirement to have security feature like that.

Is it Android Pay or Apple Pay ?

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Neither - this is on my Swatch watch.

No idea then sorry

Why is this so low? I run into this issue all the time, I think, it drives me absolutely nuts. I have to awkwardly get my phone out, hope there’s signal, login, check the PIN, then enter it. It makes using my Curve card an anxiety inducing affair when I’m just trying to buy a sandwich.

From what I understand other cards do have this limit, but the numbers are an order of magnitude higher. Why is Curve’s limit so low?