Contactless limits. Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

How do you change this new contactless limit feature? Constantly popping up to the point of the card being pointless as contactless…. Also defeats the ‘anti-embarrassment’ situation when your card is forever ‘declined’ to everyone…


You should use Chip & PIN once to reset this limit and then you should be good to go contactless for another while. Check:

Once you’d made a single payment equal to or higher than £100, the amount of your contactless payment totalled £300, or you made 5 consecutive transactions in the row, your next contactless payment would be declined and you’d need to make a Chip and PIN transaction before using contactless again.

It’s not possible to turn this ‘feature’ off, check:

This ‘feature’ is the implementation of the strong customer authentication (SCA) requirement for contactless payments as a requirement of the EU Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) on payment service providers within the European Economic Area.

But in my opinion Curve should make it easier to reset the contactless limit, just like Revolut does, check:


Thanks @poeliev !

I don’t mind the feature as it’s good to see the extra security, but I’m sure I’m being pinged to use chip and pin after spending around £50-60 across various transactions.

It might be handy to have a feature whereby the app notifies you on how close to next needing to use chip and pin? Saves the embarrassment for using contactless in a hurry, starting to walk off and then being called back as it was declined, like earlier ……………


And this wasn’t five times contactless in a row (without a Chip and Pin transaction in between)?

I agree! This is part of the feature Revolut is offering and ‘we’ are asking for here. You get an alert on your phone you are close to your contactless limit and then you can reset the limit in the Revolut app.


To be honest, not entirely sure now, but does feel like it’s low levels of spending before the next ping for chip and pin!

I’ve logged my vote on that other thread! Would be handy!


I’m not keen on SCA, and as noted above it completely negates the anti-embarrassment feature. I was in Germany last week and making a number of transactions throughout the day, of which a few of them were declined each day and I had to ask for them to try again so I could use my PIN.

It’s only Curve I’m experiencing this with, none of my other card providers has this. I’m not sure if that’s a coincidence, or it’s just Curve.

“Once you’d made a single payment equal to or higher than £100, the amount of your contactless payment totalled £300, or you made 5 consecutive transactions in the row, your next contactless payment would be declined”

How is one supposed to keep track of that algorithm and know the next transaction made will need a PIN?!

Other than not having this feature, I’m not sure what the answer is. Perhaps the Revolut solution is the best answer?

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(This is all I wanted to comment, but wasn’t allowed as too short characters so have written this sentence to be able to post the ‘amen’)

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What happens if you’re using it somewhere that you don’t have the option to enter a pin? eg: on the Tube in London.


Very annoying it is to have this low 5 times limit… I can hit that in 1 day or 1 hour easily. I will test if revolut really also requires to enter pin after 5 times.

The transport model uses a different transaction mechanism, so this doesn’t apply in these cases


One of your replies say use chip and pin first but it sounds like you need to increase the limit first? Have you tried going on your app clicking the limit to see if it gives you a pop up option to be able to give you different limits? Otherwise you can contact them via email or chat and they will increase your. I hope this helps.

Yes go onto your app click on settings that shows you you limits at the mottos it gives you option to increase your limits I just checked for you.

Yeah go onto your app and the end option at the bottom if you scroll down it gives you the option to increase spending limits

I increased my spending limits on the app however the app changes everytime I load it, like I can see my card but when I log in I don’t always get the option to see my pin. Your best option is to live chat email your request. Plus in June banking laws changed but some transactions need verification normally over 25£ have you activated anti embarrassment mode if lack of funds on one card it will automatically switch to another card

You are talking about spending limits, those indeed can be increased by contacting Curve support.
This issue however is about contactless limits and SCA.

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It’s getting embarrassing now… “sorry, can you come back, it’s declined…” long queue. Red face.

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Do you know how this decline worked from the side of the POS-terminal? Did the cashier have to enter the whole transaction again into the terminal, for you to be able to pay again (by CHIP&PIN this time) or did the original transaction remain active in the terminal and could you use CHIP&PIN on the original transaction?

On this occasion it was still waiting for me to insert the card and use Chip&Pin, but it took a while for the cashier to be notified of the decline? Not sure if that’s because of the POS they are using.

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Second hand experience - friends using physical cards for contactless (I generally use Apple Pay) - is that some UK terminals can definitely prompt you to insert your card and enter your PIN.

iZettle ones certainly can.

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@JoshuaBoots Thanks for the info.

@jrg That’s indeed the reason why I was asking. Years ago in the starting days of contactless payments, POS-terminals in the Netherlands did a hard decline (this included an embarrassing loud beep and the cashier had to enter the transaction again into the terminal) when trying to pay contactless and either the total contactless amount limit or the consecutive transactions in a row limit was reached.

After a couple of months however the POS-terminals didn’t do a hard decline anymore in these cases, but instead prompted to insert your card and enter your PIN when trying to pay contactless. This already was a big improvement compared to the previous situation. I always assumed this change was because of a software update of the POS-terminals.

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My observations (in Latvia) that in some cases decline causes cashier to re-enter transaction (and pin is asked) and in some cases POS asks just to enter pin (without inserting card) and in some cases POS asks to insert card and enter pin. Perhaps depends on POS machine/bank/software they use.

I’ve got an issue with this and it just seems flawed to me.

So I’ve hit my limit. As such Google Pay now declines any transaction. This in itself isn’t a problem, I understand why the “security” is in place.

However, in this case I only use Google Pay on my phone and only for ordering from the Just Eat app. Don’t judge!

So, surely this shouldn’t count? This is an online transaction not a “contactless” transaction.

I know to “unlock” it I just have to make a chip & pin transaction, but I haven’t been anywhere to do this (yet).

As such Google Pay now doesn’t work for me.

For the Just Eat issue, I’ve just switched to PayPal and this works (as it’s treated differently).

Next time I’m out I’ll use my Curve card via chip & pin, but this seems flawed to me as it means that the likes of Google Pay stop working and theoretically I might not be anywhere that I can “unlock” it with chip & pin.

1st world problem I know :wink:

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Either way, security is good, but this isn’t making life quick and easy, more frustrating and embarrassing!

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