Contactless limits. Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)


I only use Google Pay for the Just Eat app. To be honest I find it far easier to use my physical card in public - I guess that makes me a caveman in this day and age :wink: Generally I use my computer (not phone) to order online and use PayPal.

Unfortunately I’ve notifications turned off for Curve and for some reason the “declined reason” isn’t against the item in your timeline after the fact (another idea that needs voting for I guess).

I’ve been a hermit for the past 2/3 weeks for various reasons so I haven’t actually used my physical card in that time (unusual for me). I’ll do some testing during the week and see what I get (decline reason etc.) I’ll also make a physical chip & pin purchase to see if that changes anything before I detach/reattach cards etc.

I’ll let you know the outcome.

Something like this?

This to me makes it even more unlikely that the decline of your Curve card using it via GooglePay to do an online (in-app) payment has anything to do with your contactless limits and SCA.

Also because with notifications turned off, you can’t be sure of this:

That is, assuming you are talking about contactless limits.
If you are talking about spending limits, those can be seen in the app, but are unrelated to contactless limits. And spending limits can not be reset by using CHIP&PIN.

It is definitely annoying. I use my card up to 5 times a day

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Can someone from Curve please update on what’s going to change with this process. I’ve just had the most embarrassing and frustrating situation in McDonalds whereby the self-service machine had declined due to this £100 contactless limit, it then took me to find a member of staff, discover it then was refusing to accept the chip and pin option (no idea why) and then had to restart at the till, of which I couldn’t jump as it was busy. All because Curve have this set and I had no idea the next purchase would require the chip and pin in the first place.

understand it’s EU rules (the UK still in the EU, who knew?!)

Interestingly, none of my EU-based banks do this. Curve has just become massive uncompetitive, since I don’t want to have to enter my PIN every single day, sometimes even multiple times.


I’ve stopped using my Curve card now. I’ve been a customer since the start but it’s no longer usable if I keep having every 5th transaction declined. It also makes the anti-embarrassment feature completely pointless as SCA has introduced the opposite of this!

It doesn’t look like there’s any movement towards a solution, whatever that solution may be, to help with this?

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From “anti-embarassment” to “frequent embarassment” it’s a moment matter!! :sweat_smile:

Seriously I think they should cop… ehm, taking suggestions from Revolut in app card settings!

I have it (and using it with Curve too, very well to be honest…) and they have A LOT of nice security settings for every card like contactless limit reset, contactless/online/magnetic band/cash withdrawals enable/disable switches, position based security switch & so on… if they can do it, even Curve could! :wink:

I want to see how much they limit your account :innocent:
(so let’s not go too OT)

We’ll see… :wink:

Hey @poeliev, thanks for providing an answer for this so early on in the conversation and for directing people experiencing this as an issue to the relevant Ideas post about this.

The feedback given here on how other financial services have approached SCA has been very helpful and I’m raising the suggestions made here to our payments team today. Please make sure to upvote the idea to show that there’s a demand for this feature!


This SCA feature has just made SwatchPay utterly useless, I dont even have a physical Curve card!

This needs to change now. I’m starting to loose my (you can think of the word I wanted to use here!)

I’ve just queued for 10 minutes to finally use Sainsburys Petrol Station Hoover to sort my car. I pull up and noticed it’s changed to a ‘contactless payment’ which makes sense. It’s therefor quicker and easier to pay at the machine there and then. I use my Curve card and GUESS WHAT. YOU GUESSED IT!!! I WAS DECLINED. And guess what? I only carry my Curve card as that’s the point of it. So guess what on top of the other Guesses? I couldn’t use my card to pay as it’s not a chip and pin machine to place my card in to pay for it to overcome the LIMITATION. Fantastic. Over the moon. Queued for 10 minutes. Stood for 3 minutes arguing why my card was declining and then having to get back in my car and drive off red faced to the 2 cars behind me waiting. Smashing. Feel chuffed.

Don’t you have Google or Apple pay? I have Apple pay handy whenever Curve does the Curve things

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Yep, tried Apple Pay and it still did not work as it wanted Chip and Pin to be used!

For that option as a second alternative, I just choose another card not Curve. One decline is enough for me

That’s weird. Shouldn’t be the case. :point_down:t2:

Yep, I know! My thoughts exactly as I jumped back into my car to grab my phone when It flagged up on the payment screen the ApplePay Logo, but it declined the payment…

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