Contactless Payment Failure in Tesco


Any time I use my card for contactless payments in Tesco it fails. It is various branches and something I specifically asked support to follow up with the merchant (especially as they are a cashback partner) to ascertain what the problem in acceptance is.

The support thread suggests that as I’ve used my card in other retailers then that’s it and they aren’t going to do any more. Surely an acceptance issue is something that people need to know about, it can cause multiple authorisations and wipe out someone’s balance which would result in more wasted time and goes against any level of convenience that Curve is supposed to provide.

Can you look in to this with the merchant and advise card holders accordingly please.

I’m not sure why you’re having difficulties with Tesco, I’ve successfully used it every time.

This sounds like it maybe an account issue rather than a curve issue, maybe getting back in touch with support?

Also, have you tried the Tesco Pay+ app? You link it to your club card and show the QR Code. They often give extra club card points too, so you get a bit more :wink:

Given this has gone back and forth to support I really have zero confidence in their resolving this. I should do the app but I keep forgetting, loads of low level admin like that and sort out my club card account fully etc.

When I asked support if it was an issue with my card or the merchant I was told “just try your card elsewhere” It’s not the level of support I wanted really - If I wanted it pushed back to me instead of the alleged specialists then I would have done it myself. Randomly my Monzo card works perfectly in Tesco for contactless and that’s what it was linked to.

Today i also had my card declined in tesco but works fine everywhere else, contacted support and was told it was declined by the merchant and they could not give me any more details. Glad its not just me as they stated earlier.

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I’ve had similar experiences before, it seems Tesco purposefully limit contactless payments not made through their own app because they want you to use that instead.

My contactless has stopped working completely
I have requested another card

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Hi @ChrisAK :wave:

Firstly I’d like to apologise for the experience you’ve had with our support.

@ChrisAK & @Jmd it sounds to me that you could both do with a replacement card so your contactless will work more reliably, could you send through an email to our support team at

Hi Herman,

I have to admit to being confused as to how this would help if the card is working perfectly everywhere else. Perhaps you could review the support ticket that I’d raised for this and discuss with those representatives accordingly. None of them left me with a positive feeling that genuine action would be done. Moreover it was a feeling of ugh we have to do this job and that’s not a good image to portray.

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I think Tesco for whatever reason does sometimes have problems with newer cards.

I found my card from Finangel (a fintech which has since closed), also had occasional problems at Tesco.

Maybe something Curve can look into?

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Not had this myself but speaking to a friend today and he had this issue with his Curve Metal card. Ended up with it beeping and appearing to work each time by the till not recognising the payment. He had to use another card and then contact support to get the duplicate charges removed (which he said they did very efficiently). No other issues at all at other retail locations with contactless (including today at the Edinburgh Fringe with iZettle readers).


Had the same issue
I was receiving notification from curve and charged for the transaction but tescos said didnt go through. So everytime I forgot about that issue I had to sent a message to support to refund me the duplicate charge. And they told me only to use chip and pin at Tesco. Recently I lost my card and receive a replacement and with he new card i didnt had any issues so far.

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Problem with Tesco when it fails it takes the amount and still request you to complete transaction before you can leave it’s awkward and I have to message support every time this happens cause I loose out on money for quite a few days and the higher the value the worse it makes me for the week Generally it corrects after 10 days and feel that is too long and even longer to see money back in bank


Apparently it happened when I used monzo card directly in the past it’s not linked 100% with curve it’s an on going issue with Tesco’s and another issue is too many declines after being approved and that happened to me yesterday and it came through today manually being added to my card

Had the exact same problem on Wednesday, paid via contactless in Tesco, the amount came off my curve card but the card terminal in tesco said declined so I had to pay again. Paid twice on both my curve card and credit card for the same transaction. Contacted Curve support but haven’t heard back yet

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I’ve had it happen once about 2 weeks ago, the irritation is that despite failing it shows as a transaction, but that’s a whole 'nother thread…

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Just used Apple Pay in Tesco with no issues.

I have experienced exactly the same issues in Tesco

Same here (contactless payment fails); this would be mainly at self scan checkout terminals (if that makes a difference); Curve sees it as a valid transaction, but Tesco says declined), but then a chip and pin transaction will succeed. Having said that, I’ve not tried in the last few months as l have gotten use to using chip and pin first time, which always seems to work.

Equally I’ve never contacted support about it as the payment has always been reversed automatically 6 or 7 days later, and the amounts are normally small (otherwise it wouldn’t be a contactless transaction in the first place!)