Contactless payment slider

I love to see some kind of slider in the curve app so we can set are contactless payments to what we want and decrease contactless payments i hardly ever put my card in the machine anymore i just tap and go

Are you referring to the transaction limit for contactless cards? If so, the limit is set at a national level and is implemented by merchants, irrespective of card issuer. As the UK’s limit was increased on 1st April 2020 from £30 to £45, UK merchants are gradually programming their card terminals’ contactless transaction limit from £30 to £45. Limits are different in other countries.

If you want no transaction limit for contactless, then use Apple Pay, which has no transaction limit, although some merchants erroneously impose a limit for it, particularly if their terminal’s software can’t differentiate between a physical contactless card and a tokenised contactless payment.

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