Contactless payments have stopped working

My Curve card has stopped working for contactless payments, even after I have inserted the card and entered my PIN a few times. Several other cards have the same problem. This started since I flew from France to the UK earlier this week. Is there any way to resolve it?

I got same problem 1-2 years ago with Curve. Also started after several flights. Support offered free card replacement.

I think card got somehow damaged when go thru X-rays in airports. My other cards were fine though.


Hello @adrievdl,

does the terminal say anything when you put your card next to it or is it fully not detecting the card?

XRay usually cannot destroy a credit card, metal detectors can if the metal detector is strong enough. Example: Airport Hand-held Metal Detectors.

Contact the customer support and ask for a replacement card.

You can check if feature is dead by using some sort of android apps (nfc emv readers) like this -

Dunno about apple.

In my case it was completely dead. Tried various apps, zero response from card. Not detected at all.

The terminal says nothing at all. And Curve support just tells me that it is normal to have to enter your pin for transactions over £100, after a number of contactless payments or if you spend over £300 a day. None of which is relevant in this case.

Then please contact the customer support and ask for a re-issue of your card.

I have done - repeatedly.

Maybe just order new card and ask them to refund costs due to this issue?

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