Contactless suddenly stopped working

Looks like contactless functionality on my Curve card stopped working today ! :frowning:
Is there any ongoing issues with contactless payments ?

Yesterday in Poland it worked just fine, now after returning to Latvia - not working (tried to pay in 2 different places). With PIN method - worked fine.

My wild theory - since I had multiple flights yesterday and multiple security checks where I put my cards thru security scanners/gates could it be that somehow it destroyed nfc functionality? (my cards were not in RFID wallet).
My other cards works with nfc though… Mystery.

I will try once more to pay tomorrow and if not working will contact Curve support. Hope I can get free replacement card.

I can’t see there being any issues getting it replaced free if it’s not working anymore. I can’t think why it would have been broken by airport x-ray machines though.

If you have NFC on your phone then you could see if it could read it OK compared to your other cards? (Android has apps for this anyway, don’t know if iOS does or not)

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Thanks for tip to check via android apps. Tried 3 various apps. All other cards I have reads fine (after fiddling to find right position). With Curve - no matter what side/angle I tried - nothing :confused:

Very weird issue. Never had such problem with any card before. How can something like that suddenly go wrong. Will write to support. Maybe they can check it somehow.

Update: Support was surprisingly quick to reply… :heart:
They sending new card.


Excellent, glad they’re sorting new card and that the Android NFC troubleshooting at least helped show it was the Curve card that had the issue.

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