Cooling off period


Does the Curve Metal have a 14 day cooling off period?

If I were to upgrade to Curve Metal and then downgrade back to Curve Blue (e.g. within 10 days) what would my total fees to Curve be?

I have emailed Curve Support on 5th July (and then followed up twice) but have no response to date.

There is too much to cut and paste here - but go to this page:

Search for “Cooling” for the information you require.

Thanks Mac.

The text (part 1 and 2) seem to contradict.

Part 1
If you choose to pay monthly , the minimum subscription period is 6 months. If you wish to cancel your subscription you may do so but you will not be refunded any amount paid for the current month of the subscription. If you cancel your subscription and it is less than 4 months since the start of it, you must give us 2 months’ advance notice (such notice period to run from the end of your current subscription month). You do not need to give us advance notice if you want to cancel and it is more than 4 months since the start of it.

Part 2
If you’re a Curve Metal customer, you’ll need to give us 1 months’ notice before you can close your account.

So if I cancel on day 10, am I charged for 1 month and 10 days, 2 months or 6 months + £50?

This is in addition to your Part 2:

“If you cancel or downgrade your Curve Metal account in the first six months after subscription - you will also be charged a Curve Metal card fee to cover the cost of ordering and delivering the metal card. If you cancel after the first six months have elapsed - this cost is on us.”

Bear in mind I’m nothing to do with Curve - But the (Part 2) “1-month” and/or “first six months” are not mutually exclusive.

I agree it’s not particularly clear.

You’ll get a refund of any subscription fees you’ve paid if you change your mind within the first 14 days of signing up (the “cooling off” period).

The sections you are quoting are about how to close your account after the cooling off period. During the cooling off period the section I quoted above applies.

You ‘only’ need to pay a £/€ 50 cancellation fee for the metal card (also if you cancel during the cooling off period).

Thanks, can someone from Curve please confirm this because the 1 month notice is also mentioned in the Cooling Off section.

This section is very poorly written.

@Amitsanghvi100 Out of curiousity, why upgrade if you know already that you will downgrade within the first 14 days? Isn’t it just easier not to upgrade?

They want to keep the metal card forgetting that it will stop working when they downgrade.

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I was waiting for this answer:

To tell this:

That’s actually not the case. There are some additional benefits and limits with Curve Metal that I’d like to make use of, but I only need these for a week or so.

Whilst I appreciate the help, I would like someone from Curve to confirm this rather than others (who don’t know) idly speculating.


I am pretty sure you do realise that is not the idea why a cooling off period is created… anyway…from the ToS, with regards to the cooling off period:

You will be charged pro rata if you have used any of the Curve services (including receiving a card).

So I don’t think you can get these Metal benefits and limits for free by making use of the cooling off period like this.


This is the Curve user community…if you post here you can expect Curve users to answer you.

If you would like Curve to answer you I would advise to ask them this on Twitter (@askcurve), since this is a general question (and not related to a specific account) they should be able to answer you directly.

I don’t consider my answer to be idly speculation. In my opinion the ToS are very clear on this (the existence of a cooling off period and how it works). The one month notice is not mentioned with regards to the 14 days cooling off period.

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Then your best shot is

Please check his opening post, he already tried that, that’s why I was referring him to Twitter.

Thanks, I have posted on Twitter. Let’s see if I hear back.

I was (incorrectly) under the impression Curve support reads this and could therefore provide an response.

You were speculating on the reasons for why I wanted to upgrade.

But if you were referring to us speculating why you wanted to know about the cooling off period (and apparently not to me ‘speculating’ how the cooling off period works), why did you link this to wanting someone working for Curve to respond?

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