Corona Crisis Cashback

How about 1% Cashback on all card purchases during the Corona crisis?

1% for like a year?

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So Curve should offer more cashback when there is less transactions overall ? I don’t think it would be a good idea for Curve.


It would encourage spending on Curve during tight times.

Every little helps!!

I’m sure Curve would rather have a lower % of £100x then a higher % of 10x

This doesn’t make sense. It should be the other way around to support Curve as a business, not us customers.


I disagree, you need to give or gain something to encourage spending. That’s how economy works.

What are you disagreeing with ? It’s not clear from your answer.

I think it’s an excellent idea… Especially in Italy, where the ministry said to “limit the use of cash” and to use electronic payments. Since it is the safest way to avoid spread and contagion. Curve, by re-activating cashback, would encourage customers to limit the use of cash and use electronic payments.

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With post above me. It’s not our job to support curve. We can support it with bigger spending.

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He’s explains “you need to encourage people to spend”.

When I go out shopping nowadays I use the card that gives me the best deal.

Eg: I regularly use my Santander card when there are 5% offers at supermarkets.

Curve’s 1% on 3-6 retailers is neither here nor there.

Every bit of spending Curve can squeeze out of us customers is a benefit to them and us investors.

Don’t forget once they have you, you may continue to spend on the card even when the “emergency” % rate is over.

It makes absolute sense to me.

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It is if you want Curve, a relatively young company to survive. If Curve can do it, that’s great but you and me don’t have any clue as to the financial stability of the company and a crisis like that could end up being the tipping point.

I don’t think 1% should be tipping point for somebody to go bankrupt.
I have invested in Curve so I believe in company. But they should worry more about customers who ordered their card 1 and a half month ago and they still did’t recieve it.


Checifnon93 I go back to my previous statement.

It’s better for curve to make X% on £1000x sales then X-1% on £100x sales.

In simple terms I’d rather make 3% on £1,000,000 than 4% on £500,000.

Yes and I understand that but Curve can’t compete with banks or credit cards that offer higher cashback and I personally don’t think that it should try to.

In that case, the only way for you to use your Curve card would be if Curve offered a better deal and my point is I don’t think it can. Or you could use your curve card with your underlying Santander card if there is no downside to it. After all, isn’t that the point of Curve, to regroup all your cards into one and to leave your other cards at home ?

It is made to appeal to consumers that don’t have other cashback options and it apparently works as I would guess it is one of the reasons people upgrade from the Blue Tier.

If being an investor and paying a subscription not enough for you to use your Curve card, I don’t think 1% cashback on everything would help.

They already have us.

1% is easy when people buy £10 McDonald’s or £200 groceries once or twice a month but it’s another to offer 1% on things that cost £1000 or more especially if the goal of offering 1% cashback on everything is to encourage people to spend.

I agree but this has no bearing at all on the discussion at hand.

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It’s my opinion and I’m entitled to one just like you. Thnx

Nobody said otherwise so I don’t really know what your problem is but if you have the right to your own opinion, people also have the right to disagree with it and to express that disagreement.


I’m struggling to figure out the link between 1% cashback on purchases and the COVID-19 pandemic :confused:


Everybody is spending much less at the moment.

It’s an incentive to spend using curve because of the little saving it would give you.

It probably doesn’t matter one bit, but I’ve substituted the numbers into your model and I’m wondering if the two statements are in conflict. :thinking:

ie, It’s better for curve to make 4% on £1m sales than 3% on £500k sales.

I apologise if I’m missing something (I got grade 3 for maths so I’m no expert :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).