Corporate Card Charges?!

So I just used Curve for the first time to buy a Train Ticket using Trainline. Apparently, and unlike my own personal cards, I have been charged 26p for using a corporate card?!?

I get 1% in the form of rewards that equates to 33p and have no way of currently spending them.

So all in all on this transaction I have gain a grand total of 7p.

What a total waste of time.

Do you have a commerical or personal curve card?

This happened to me as well, despite me using the card as an individual Curve sent me a commercial card - I’ve asked for a replacement but haven’t heard anything.

It’s not just trainline that treat the card as commercial, I’m now getting loads of emails from Amazon about using Amazon Business , extract below:

“Based on your recent purchases on Amazon using a commercial credit card, it seems you are purchasing for work. Did you know that Amazon Business can help you reduce costs for business purchases and provide easy access to VAT invoices?”

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Well, I thought I was supposed to have a personal. I did not ask for a commercial card but I have just noticed on the back it says COMMERCIAL. Why have I been given a commercial card?

That is one for Curve to answer - though sure they’ll be happy for non-appointed community members to take a swing at it… My card does not say Commercial on the back (thankfully).

The reason you are paying more on transactions is because the EU cap on Interchange Fees is significantly higher for Corporate cards (i.e. 1.6% vs 0.3%). Trainline are passing a proportion of the increased transaction fee back to you. Though I have no idea how much of the interchange fee is passed back to the merchant, and who takes the margin (Curve or Wirecard).

Edit: It would be good to get some clarity from Curve on how to distinguish between a Corporate and Personal card as the designs seem to vary. Can it be determined by the BIN, i.e. 537590 vs 537591? It has been asked/debated before in the community though with no official response that I can see.

More on Interchange fees here:

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Shouldn’t all corporate cards have corporate on the back side? Mine does.

That seems logical, though some users have said their card with a 537590 BIN (like mine) is corporate, most online checks point to 537591 BIN as corporate and 90 as standard - would just be nice to get some official clarity from Curve so users know what they are using.

Ultimately it’s not like Amazon or Trainline can see the “corporate” text on the back of the card :-D.

When I checked my old Blue card in a BIN Checker it reported as “Business” even though it’s a Personal curve card. I don’t know why it’s that way, but I’m guessing that’s what Amazon and Trainline are looking for.

Business and Corporate are distinctly different levels in American Express World, I assume they are in Mastercard/Visa world too?

My new Metal card has the same BIN…537590.


You cannot count on free BIN list lookup websites. Most of them are outdated.
The original Curve BIN was former owned by an Australian Bank and many BIN list lookup websites still had the wrong owner of that BIN listed for years.
The only BIN lookup website you can trust are the ones that come directly through a payment processor.


Agree third party websites shouldn’t be trusted - it’s why a steer from Curve would be appreciated.

I know!

I am simply making a suggestion as to what might be going on. It’s entirely possible that the cards are being incorrectly issued as Business cards either deliberately or otherwise, or that Amazon/Trainline are using an incorrect BIN lookup database. Clearly they are somehow not being recognised as Personal cards!

It needs to be investigated by Curve, but going by their current performance that could take decades.

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You can request them for a Personal card and they’ll switch you over. They’re can’t expedite you a commercial card if you refuse it.

I use Curve only when a merchant doesn’t accept American Express. Although Curve hasn’t let me recharge my transactions to my Amex cards since 31/05/2016, it still gives me great pleasure that the merchants (who stubbornly refuse to accept Amex) are paying more to accept my corporate Curve card than to accept Amex, and that Curve is receiving a large chunk of that additional cost. I have yet to experience a merchant surcharging to accept my corporate Curve card. Even HMRC don’t charge me.


I’m pretty sure the rules around not surcharging are irrespective of type of card.

I think the main problem with retailers that don’t accept Amex is that they’re using someone like World Pay and just pay a flat fee - they don’t see the real cost of processing the transaction so they don’t realise that Amex isn’t acually that much more expensive than many cards, and is cheaper than others.

There’s a coffee shop near my who won’t accept Amex because it’s 2.6% and the others are 1.6%. If he’s operating his coffee shop on margins where 1% on a few transactions makes a difference, he’s doing something wrong! He’s almost certainly spending more than that in the wasted coffee grounds he has to clean up every hour or so…

The EU’s cap on interchange fees and the EU’s prohibition on card surcharges do not apply to commercial cards. I’ll dig out the legislation if you still don’t believe it.

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The cap on interchange fees doesn’t apply for sure.

The British legislation which bans retailers from charging a different amount based on method of payment, I thought applies to any and all methods and types of payment. I may be wrong - hence why I didn’t say “I’m certain that”. There’s no need to be so obtrusive!

You’ve receives a commercial card because you selected business owner when you signed up to Curve. We are happy to send you a consumer card if you wish. Customer Support will help you out.

The commercial card will have the word written on the back.

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I got a commercial card once and I’m certain I didn’t select business owner. In fact, I don’t remember that option being present during application. When I requested to receive a personal card instead, I was told there’s no difference between personal and commercial cards. That makes no sense. Why have personal and commercial cards when there’s no difference…

Hello @ivanwmc,
The “Business Owner” has always been an option under “employment” when signing up. There’s a very informative topic on the difference here: Curve commercial vs curve personal. What's the difference nowadays

@Curve_Marie I seem to recall the question being “Business Owner/Self-Employed” or something like that. I am self-employed, but did not get Curve just for business purposes. I had no idea what a corporate card was, or that I would face extra fees. I had wondered why I was getting charged extra at Trainline, and only after reading this thread did I see that the back of my card says “Commercial”. If I continue using Trainline as I have previously, I now face an extra £34 a year in corporate card fees just to get to and from work (going to different courts in England, rarely knowing which one until the night before).
In my view, Curve needs to be WAY more up front about this, and ensure that self-employed people are not bounced into corporate cards if they don’t want them.