Could cards be issued in Europe?

So that they are accepted by all e-retailers? They could be issued in Vilnius for example :slight_smile:
Could the people at Curve think hard about that?
That could improve the use of Curve cards in Europe significantly.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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All (or most) Curve cards are already issued in your country of residence, so they should be accepted in every local retailer.

Sorry, I’m afraid you are wrong. They do have a localized MasterCard BIN number, but they are all recognized as issued in the UK. Easy to check: put your card in any ATM, English language will be first proposed.

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That was at the beginning. Now thy are issuing the cards with BIN code for many countries.

Except for investor metal cards. Those have all UK BIN code.

I had a blue card and later a metal card (no investor), both with Irish BIN code.

Sorry to insist … I know all cards have a national BIN code, that is what I indicated in my first post. My card has a French BIN code. OK with that. Nevertheless, some payement providers still recognize those cards as being issued in the UK. Though they have a national BIN code. This was confirmed to me by a French e-retailer payement provider (which refuses Curve for that specific reason). Once again, put any Curve Card in a European ATM, English will be the proposed language (instead of the national language). Curve team could comment on that?

@flyingdad is right. Regardless of the local country BIN of your Curve card the country of issuance of all Curve cards is UK and is recognised as such by some ATMs, POS terminals and online merchants and may cause acceptance problems (even more since the UK is no longer part of the EU).
Example is the Dutch airmiles program that only allows to add Dutch issued cards to their program, Dutch Curve customers with a Dutch BIN Curve card are unable to add their card, reason: the card is issued in the UK. (Issuance in Vilnius might not solve this particular problem by the way, but will likely solve other problems).
Another example if I go with my Dutch local BIN curve card to a Dutch ATM all text is in English and I even get a DCC (GBP to EUR) screen (which I reject of course) reason: though the BIN of the Curve card is Dutch, the card is issued in UK and recognised as such by the ATM.


So what’s the point of national BINs if they’re still recognized as issued in the UK?

BTW, only allowing cards issued in a specific EU/EES-country is against EU’s geoblocking regulation.

Hello @niklas.holm Good points! But I’m not an expert, I can’t comment on that … I only mentioned the facts.