"COULD NOT CREATE PASSWORD" during registration

Hello everyone,
I have searched in other topics but I have not found feedback.
I am opening a CURVE account. I downloaded the app, then checked my email and SMS code. I was asked to choose a code and I did this by entering it twice.
I got the error:
“Could not create passcode” You already have a passcode set.
I tried to log in as if I already have an existing profile but nothing. I also tried to uninstall the app and do a reinstall but without success. Also I forced close and cleared the cache. Can someone help me?


I’m having the same issue. It worked fine on my phone a couple of days ago but my wife has just installed the app on her phone and is trying to register and gets this message after confirming her 4 digit passcode:

Could not create passcode
You already have passcode set

I have the same issue too.
Can everybody help please?

Hi all,

This is a user community, so we don’t have acces to your accounts, so we are not able to help you with this. Please contact curve support, e.g. by email (support@curve.com) or on Twitter (@askcurve).

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