Create Discord channel for Chat/Support

I would suggest the creation of a Discord channel to allow Curve community to chat and maybe have someone from Curve be available to answer questions that may appear.

Why have a duplicate service? The Curve Community does all the above, however it might be an idea when they expand into other countries.

I just prefer Discord. Other Fintechs, which I am a user, have Discord channels and I feel the communication is better there

I think the discussions we have work better as a forum. I can see the merit in a Discord sort of chat, but I don’t think it would fit very well.

The Discord would likely primarily turn into a live support feature (and likely getting very messy as it grows).

As Curve have shown little interest in any sort of live chat functionality, I doubt they would be interested in this.


They used to have Slack and closed it in favour of this forum so can’t see there being much appetite for a move to Discord. Also a lot of questions here are repeats so it is easy to direct users to the relevant thread, which wouldn’t be possible on Discord.

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