Create sweatshirts to give to US Curve users

Hello, it would be nice for Curve to create sweatshirts with the logo to give to US customers.
I place you an example, of a sweatshirt of an Italian bank:

Or a simple backpack:

@Curve_Marie What do you think about it? Can that be doable?

They already have hoodies :wink: :sunglasses:

And Keycords and Caps :point_down:t2:

And bags, socks and water bottles :point_down:t2:


There is no backpack :frowning:

Nope, it’s a carrier bag.

But i saw that it is only for investor… I proposed it, even for those who were not investor.

I know. What I meant to say was that, at least for the sweatshirt/hoodie, they don’t need to create/design it.

A shirt might be nice too. I’m just throwing down an idea.

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