Creation block card After using curve

A couple of days ago, my wife had her IHG Reward credit card blocked after “suspicious activity”. We only use it with curve - never use the credit card itself. Then yesterday, I used my curve card with ihg to buy a coffee in Nero. It subsequently got declined and the security team in ihg said there were suspicious activity on my card. I don’t really understand. Has this happened to other people?

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This occasionally happens with some issuers. Its because each transaction is sent from Curve as an e-commerce transaction. This means that the issuer is only seeing one merchant and one type of transaction repeatedly on the card which will cause their risk engine to flag the card.

Curve Support will recommend that you get into contact with the issuer’s Fraud and Risk team, they can alleviate this block from happening in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been pairing Curve with plenty of cards from variety of issuers.
I had the same issue three times. Two times I was able to unlock the card by contacting the institution that issued the card, as it is their system that went suspicious. For the third case, it was even easier because I had to mark the suspicious transaction as safe and everything got working again.
If you’ll be calling your bank, do not forget to ask for marking those transactions as safe permanently, to avoid locking your card again when repeating transaction with Curve. This also happened to me.
As one of the service team person (from one of the mentioned institutions) told me, the alarm might be caused by the combination of uncommon prefix in the title („CRV**”), the fact the transaction origin is GB (and I live outside UK, at least for a longer while) plus the relatively high amount of the transactions I was trying to make… but those are only assumptions, as the real criteria are usually confidential.


Its also worth adding that credit card companies fraud systems do “learn” whats normal for you, so its always important to contact them when a transaction is declined. They may not always block the card. The fraud team can set a flag next to the transaction as OK so it will process correctly next time. Creation is tricky as the front line agents are badly trained and generally hopeless. You need to call the fraud team directly and you will get a generally intelligent person who knows what they are doing.

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