Creation (IHG, Marriott) blocking all Curve transactions & closing accounts

I see Creation have been sending texts out to all cardholders this morning that they are now blocking all Curve transactions - quite a shame :cry:

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Yep received messages on the 2 cards I hold with creation this morning

Same here - looks like I need a new credit card!


So I just got a text message from Creation, they issue the IHG credit card.

The said the following :-

“With immediate effect we will be unable to process any transactions using your Curve Card where the transaction is allocated to your Creation issued credit card”

Is this just me or has this happened across the board?

I just got the same. I put so much through it as a linked credit card.



Absolutely gutted about this. Do you think there will be a reversal like last time?

I just had exactly the same message just now with regards to my Marriott Rewards Credit Card. I am waiting to speak with someone to find out what is going on.

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I also got this. I pay a fee for the card and only use it with Curve. I wonder if this means that I can do a chargeback on the fee as they are not providing the same service or if I would need to raise a complaint directly with the card scheme?

Please tell me that you’re not being serious…
Why would Creation refund you the fee? You can still use the card and have access to all the services?!
Either stop using Curve (and use Creation directly) or change the underlying card

Got that text too. It’s a shame as that’s my main spend via curve/ ihg premium. Maybe time to move on.

Anyone tried putting through any payments after receiving the text?

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Across the board from the looks of it!

Creation have confirmed that they will not process any Curve card transactions going forward and this includes National Savings & Investments transactions. This is going to be a problem for me. When asked what the reason was they said it was a business decision.

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Very serious. I only use my creation card for Curve transactions, I am invested in Curve and so I have no interest in dropping use of my Curve card.

Given that 100% of my use is via Curve and given I have just paid my fee I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for the fee back and for the account to be closed.

If Creation want to block transactions the. They can do that and if I can’t to raise a chargeback and or complaint with the card scheme the. I am free to do that.

I think this is more about Creation taking a gamble that people will drop Curve in favour of using the card direct, I also think that the revenue split for them is being impacted by having Curve in the middle.

Either way it’s a gamble for Creation and one I hope fails for them. They need to remove the block.

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Creation is getting more and more strict on this, a few months ago they blocked klarna

The big problem for me is, creation itself doesn’t support google pay…


Hi, i just received a notification from Creation (provider of my IHG Credit Card) that effective immediately ANY Curve transactions would be declined.

My Creation card has no blocks or restrictions so any idea why they have done this? Has anyone else received this notification? I assume it’s widespread and not targeted at me because as i said i can use the card, just not via Curve.

It will mean that my use of Curve will be much more restricted that card is my preferred card.


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Yeah, had the same text this morning. Thought it was a bizarre way of communicating such a decision - what’s the reasoning for it?

If anything it’s made me want to close my Creation card and shift to someone else!

Hello all, Just received the attached via Creation… anyone else in the same position?

Got it as well… 99.999999% of my IHG Premium Card spend has been through Curve. I don’t use Fronted, so it’s only the Google Pay and convenience that I will miss.


I received this message too this morning :sob:

I’ve just got the text message as well.

Does anyone know why Creation have introduced this policy?