Creation (IHG, Marriott) blocking all Curve transactions & closing accounts

If you buy points, does this count towards status? If so, you could quantify your loss in the same way by buying points.

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Thanks. This suggests that Creation has deliberately withheld points for those to whom it has given two months’ notice of account closure.

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Unfortunately they don’t count for status.

Hi Andy - I have had a Marriott card for over 20 years and have spent literally hundreds of thousands on it. Creation has now notified me it will be cancelled effective 1st November. For them to cancel it with absolutely no explanation is outrageous in my opinion. Surely Marriott would not be pleased about this, but I have no idea who to contact at Marriott to complain. Do you?

Regarding Creation’s withholding of points in October, it’s useful again to read Creation’s terms and conditions:

Points earned on your IHG Rewards Club Premium Credit Card will be suspended if you default (arrears or over limit) on your account.

There are no other circumstances in which Creation is allowed to withhold points. Creation’s two-month notice of account closure definitely does not fall into the above clause. Therefore we will have grounds to claim USD 13.50 per 1,000 missing points.

I have absolutely no clue what’s happening with Creation / IHG - but just wanted to drop another few datapoints…

Like many others (but, apparently, not ALL others), my IHG Premium Card was linked to Curve, and I received the cancellation letter on the 30th September. I didn’t use the card for any manufactured or cash-like spend - all transactions were legitimate and I could have used the card directly instead of through Curve, excepting for maybe payments for council tax and HMRC (where they only accept debit cards). Definitely no NS&I spend (I don’t have an NS&I account) nor any cash withdrawals/payments.

Can confirm that I’m currently disputing my £99 fee - it was actually charged on my Sep statement (dated 23rd Sep), and a mere week later, I get the letter cancelling the card. So I’d be hoping to eventually (even if through Ombudsman) put in a successful claim for a full refund. I haven’t used the card since the letter, so my last transaction coincided on the date of letter cancellation.

Finally - despite the non-fee IHG card on Creation’s website typically leading to a “maintenance page” nearly all the time, earlier this week I did manage to break through and got to an application page. I thought I’d take a punt and re-apply for the ordinary card, and it was immediately approved. The white card came through the post this morning, and the account is now active online.

No idea what gives - you can clearly open a new IHG Credit Card account with Creation, even when on the other hand they’re closing my IHG Premium card for no given reason.

I can only speculate that they closed my Premium account because I was a hugely unprofitable customer. In the lifetime of having the card, my monthly average spend was around £5,600 per month (excepting Sep/Oct due to this cancellation nonsense). I never went over my credit limit, never topped up my card between billing statements (i.e. spent more in a single month than the credit limit allowed), have not had a single late payment, and always paid my balance in full each month (and thus, Creation earned no interest charges from me).

Given the cancellation of my Premium card, I guess having the no-fee version is better than nothing, but unhappy that - like everyone else - no proper reason has been given. Of course, I’m not linking the new card into Curve so I can avoid that debacle from happening again. And longer-term, I really hope enough folk complain to IHG so that they choose a new credit card partner, as Creation really are pants.


Yeah, I can only assume that Creation aren’t making any money from the cards. They probably based their finances on people paying far more in fees than the a sensible person who knows how to take advantage of loyalty cards!

I suspect dumping all customers ever linked to Curve was just a convenient way to dump a mass of ‘sensible’ customers without any care for them, and using Curve as the reason was, I suspect, just a convenient excuse so that Creation didn’t have to admit they’d screwed up their finances when designing the product.

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It’ll be interesting to see how much it costs them in Ombudsman fees!

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It is particularly telling that Creation withdrew the Premium card to new applicants back in April 2020, which leans towards the theory that the product is unprofitable for them…


Just to add more details in case it helps anyone works out a pattern

  • I’ve used my premium card with Curve but not for NS&I or manufactured spend
  • I haven’t received the SMS or a cancellation letter
  • I spent approx £5k a month on the card until the pandemic
  • I’ve spent approx £2k a month on the card since the pandemic
  • I have never paid any interest or fees (other than the £99 annual fee)
  • my October points transferred to IHG as expected
  • I’ve complained to them twice previously (nothing to do with Curve)
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Almost certainly. What I don’t get is why, in the intervening 18 months, they haven’t withdrawn the card completely. Does closing the accounts of anyone who’d linked them to curve really make the remainder profitable? It seems unlikely unless the majority never trigger the anniversary night, in which case I don’t really understand why they’d want it, or pay enough in interest and/or fees.


Good point. I wonder whether Creation’s selection of accounts for closure was not based on usage of Curve but on whether the account has triggered at least one anniversary night voucher. It’s quite likely that most Curve users trigger the voucher, which is why forum users (also on HeadForPoints) have identified a close, but not 100% accurate, correlation between account closures and Curve use.

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I does increasingly seem that using your IHG card via Curve wasn’t a guarantee for getting your Creation account closed. I used my IHB Black with Curve extensively via Google Pay and Garmin Pay and so far I have have no contact regarding account closure. In fact using it Google and Garmin Pay was the sole reason I got a Curve card in the first place. All the transactions were relatively small convenience spend, bigger spend I’d just use the native IHG Card. I have a friend in almost exactly the same position, except he used Apple Pay.


I have a hypothesis that they have closed accounts which either withdrew any cash at all from an ATM, or ever went back in time on any transactions. Did you ever do either of these?
(They are closing mine, I haven’t received this month’s points, I have done the two things above, I haven’t used NS&I or similar, I have triggered free night awards.)

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No, I have never withdrawn cash via Curve on my Creation card. As for GBIT, the underlying card issuer doesn’t see GBIT; it sees either a refund or an authorisation that doesn’t become a transaction, both of which are very common occurrences for non-GBIT reasons.


Spoken to Creation about missing points. Their response was

“as in your letter on closure any points since we informed you of closure wont be awarded”

Which we all know isnt in the letter and breaches their T&C’s. Opened another complaint

IHG having spoken to them don’t seem to care

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The Financial Ombudsman Service does award financial compensation for lost points.

Another financial institution owed me EUR, which it should have paid to my EUR bank account. Instead it converted the EUR amount to GBP without my permission at an exchange rate that I hadn’t agreed and paid it as a refund to my IHG Rewards credit card. I then bought back the full EUR amount, which cost more than the refunded GBP amount. The FOS determined that the financial institution had to pay me the additional GBP plus the USD cost of buying IHG Rewards Club points that I lost through the refund to a points-earning credit card. The FOS then rounded it up to a round amount of GBP. There are some other unresolved matters in the same complaint, so I’m not yet naming the financial institution.

Wow, they clearly haven’t read their own letter - as you say it said nothing of the sort, in fact it was extremely light on detail!

It would be very strange if the closures were not linked to Curve, as Curve keep stating on social media that they’re still working with Creation to find a resolution for the account closures. Creation would just tell Curve it was nothing to do with them and not enter in to ongoing dialogue…


Curve’s handling of this situation has been beyond poor. I’m sure there are many people like myself who have other branded vanilla cards with the likes of Hilton etc who cannot currently risk fronting it with Curve in case the same happens again! The robotic response is really not acceptable.