Creation (IHG, Marriott) blocking all Curve transactions & closing accounts

I too am awaiting recent points to transfer over and when I phoned to query the delay they said they will not be sending any more points over to IHG accounts.
So I’ve opened a complaint and see where it goes…

In the meantime I’ve just applied and been accepted for the free IHG card.
Does anyone know if I’ll be able to use that with curve?

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No, Creation is blocking Curve permanently.

Many thanks for the prompt reply!
Any idea why they are still offering the free card and the ability to earn points and yet they are not transferring any points earn on the paid for card? It’s not as if it is specific transactions that they are deeming to not qualify for points, it’s all of them. I don’t see their logic here.

I think the free card might be slightly profitable for them. But they closed my free white card at the same time that they closed my premium black card.

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They offered twice the amount of points per pound spent on the black card than the normal card. My guess is that they found a lot of the black cards weren’t profitable for them.


I did that and for a good credit limit! Then 2 days later I got a letter saying that they would suspending my account and closing it in 3 months as per the terms and conditions.

They also suspended my black card with immediate effect.

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That sounds like another breach of contract by Creation.


They offered twice as many points per pound on the black card. My guess is that it wasn’t profitable for them with many accounts.

A) The chargeback system is for card purchases. Your annual fee wasn’t a card purchase (it’s a contractual fee) , so isn’t covered by the chargeback system. You will need to complain directly to creation and if you get no joy from them, refer it to the financial ombudsman. You may also wish to report it to the FCA but they will refer you to the ombudsman if you’re seeking financial redress.

B) complaining to the card scheme will get you nowhere. You are not a customer of MasterCard and therefore not an “eligible customer” of MasterCard under the FCA’s complaint handling rules which means no right to refer the complaint to the ombudsman and no regulatory rules on how and when MasterCard reply (if indeed they do) . MasterCard will most likely just refer you back to the company you are actually a customer of - Creation. You are however covered by the FCA’S complaint handling rules for any such complaint to Creation

Same here - interesting to hear they did that to someone else. No reply to my complaints yet, just acknowledgement of the first one.

I’ve just received the letter saying they won’t allow me to activate the free card when it arrives, suspending my account etc.
And the app is showing my account as having ‘restricted functionality’
Bring on the final response to my prior complaint allowing me to take the complaint to the FOS.

So, anticipating a “No” response on my claim for my earned anniversary night and missing IHG points I’m starting to think about a value for the Obudsman claim.

On the points USD13.50 per 1000 or part thereof is obviously the going rate for non-status earning IHG points (and taking into account the 3% foreign exchange fee levied by Creation and most other card providers). Any thoughts on what the claim should be for status earning points? In my case the missing points would have got me to the 55K Spire threshold, albeit that I had the extra 25K Spire bonus again early this year so not sure whether or not it would have triggered that again.

Any thoughts on the maximum value of the anniversary night currently?

See here. I don’t think you should go for the max value of the free night, as that would be seen to be trying it on. Best go for an average?

If you have plausible reasons for intending to use the free night at a very expensive IHG hotel, then you can give the reasons to the Financial Ombudsman. This is what I am doing. It’s a good idea to take screenshots from IHG’s web site, showing availability to use the free night and the monetary cost per night on the same date.

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I have found another example of Creation’s incompetence. I have both the IHG black card and the IHG white card. Both are configured for notification of statements by e-mail, but I only ever receive the notification about the black card. In most months, I didn’t use the white card, but in the months when there was a statement for the white card, I never received an e-mail notification about the white card’s statement, but instead received a duplicate notification about the black card’s statement. Has anyone else experienced this?

I have just had my (presumably penultimate) statement for the Premium card. In the “letter” on the first page, it goes on about “Don’t forget to use your IHG Rewards Club Credit Card for the following
benefits” (all of which are now rescinded). Also, the righthand column mentions at the bottom “Points will be added to your IHG account” in spite of the fact that they have not transferred them and have said they will not do so. So they say on the statement even today that they will give points, and yet they obviously are not going to do so. More evidence to back up the complaints.

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As a data point - I’ve just had my annual fee refunded - worth checking your statements. I’d only paid it the month before the letter came, so I think they’d have had a hard time fighting that one. I raised a complaint around a month ago.

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Ditto, both on refund and when I paid it.

No sign of fee refund here sadly. Also no reply to complaint - another month to go then it’ll be off to the FOS…

Published yesterday by Which magazine (Consumers’ Association):

Creation told Which?: ‘As a responsible lender it’s important that we understand how some customers are using the Curve platform and the impacts it may have such as a lack of consumer protection under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

I don’t accept Creation’s argument about Section 75. Although it is true that Curve breaks Section 75’s debtor-creditor-supplier relationship, this eliminates Creation’s liability under Section 75 and is thereby to Creation’s advantage. If Section 75 was a truthful reason for blocking Curve, then Creation would likewise block all other intermediary merchants, particularly larger ones such as PayPal, that similarly break Section 75’s debtor-creditor-supplier relationship. Therefore this is not a truthful reason, but a red herring created by Creation.

And if you find yourself in a similar situation to Daniel, make sure you ask for a pro-rata refund for any fees you’ve paid if your account is being closed.

Which has lawyers (whom I often consult), and if Which says this, then it must be legally sound.