Creation (IHG, Marriott) blocking all Curve transactions & closing accounts

Thanks - that’s a helpful article and totally agree re refund.

Which? contacted Curve for a comment but it did not respond.



Indeed. Which values good customer service. Curve’s customer service, and customer-friendly approach, is in a different league from Creation’s incompetence. Curve missed a trick by getting Which firmly on its side.


I received a letter from Creation today, dated 8 weeks less 1 day since one of my multiple complaints, stating “We are unable to provide a response at present due to internal delays”. followed by several more paragraphs including the usual invitation to refer the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Clearly Creation is inundated with complaints as a result of its own incompetence.


Are you going to the FOS right away, or wait until you get a formal response to your complaint?

I answered this above.

It’s been confirmed that Curve’s Financial Crime team analysed transactions to NS&I to look for cash recycling, and passed details of some customer transactions to Creation (and also to NS&I).

I’ve never purchased any NS&I product and my IHG Creation card has been cancelled. I did make the occasional cash withdrawal through Curve but not for a few years. My main usage of the IHG card was to make purchases when the vendor did not take American Express and used the IHG card through Curve so that I could use Apple pay when in a shop. Online purchases were made directly with the IHG card, for my Council Tax bill for example. I received the free night voucher every year I’ve had the card, except for this year, my card year started in July. No refund on the card fee yet nor have they transferred the outstanding IHG points and they said on the phone that they would not be doing so. I’m tempted to write to them to say if they don’t send over the outstanding points before my next (and final) bill then I won’t be paying the final bill, though I don’t want a black mark on my credit record.

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Confirmed by whom?

I strongly advise against that. You’ll not only end up with a black mark but will be hit by interest, fees and possibly legal action (and potentially gives them justification not to award the points).

Raise a complaint and then take it to the Ombudsman if they refuse to award them. IHG charge US13.50/1000 points (about 1p each) so that would be the cash claim value, ignoring the fact that purchased points are not status earning.


OK, many thanks for the input.


Via FoI request to NS and I

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FoI request, courtesty of “LS”, a reader at HeadforPoints:

Some people don’t like clicking external links (and rightly so!), so have uploaded it as images as well (9 in total)


Wow so this was Curve all along, not IHG.

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It depends what you mean by “this”. It’s Creation who have not been treating customers fairly, and simply closing accounts without warning or any prior interaction with their cardholders, and without refunding fees or transferring points.


Why Curve is advertising NS&I where in fact that it’s breaching terms and conditions for many underlying cards?

This is not an honest business.

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I bought £10,000 of Premium Bonds in summer 2020, via Curve and funded by my Miles & More MasterCard. I have since won £75 of prizes, and have kept the Premium Bonds. This is an example of intended use that Curve is advertising.

Depositing money in NS&I via Curve, then immediately withdrawing it, and then redepositing the same money in NS&I via Curve, is recycling and is not the intended use that Curve is advertising.

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Exactly, and NS&I have advised Curve that this usage is against the terms and conditions of NS&I.

As @Bentoni says, it’s surprising that Curve explicitly advertise this as a feature of their cards.

Can you point to a clause in NS&I’s terms and conditions that would be breached by this usage?

All I can find in the NS&I Premium Bonds customer agreement is:

All deposits you make must be in pounds sterling, from a bank in the UK. The date of each deposit will be the date we receive your cheque, debit card authorisation or bank transfer.

Remember that an underlying credit card could be issued by a bank, which would fulfil this condition. Creation Financial Services Limited, for example, is a UK subsidiary of French bank BNP Paribas. In any case, I believe that this is worded as “bank”, not to exclude credit cards, but on the mistaken assumption that all UK debit cards are issued by banks.

Yes, you’ve done it yourself. Funding from a Curve Card means your premium bonds were funded by Curve’s e-money rather than a UK bank.