Creation (IHG, Marriott) blocking all Curve transactions & closing accounts

Mine has been blocked too.

My best guess - they’re seeing high transaction volumes from Curve users and it’s costing them too much in points, so they’ve just decided to block all Curve users.

At this point though, I think the only way things will change will be if Curve themselves intervene and talk to Creation.


Creation is such a poor Credit Card company I’m surprised IHG partner with them. No GPay compatibility, their open banking connection has only recently started working properly and their website payment page looks like it is from twenty years ago.

Will stop me using the Creation card (and potentially IHG as a hotel) as a consequence.


I’ve just had the text too

Got the same text as well today.

Well I will try and contact them for an answer. But if they don’t change their decision then simply will lose me as a customer.

Make sure all of you when contacting them to cancel your card, state you are leaving because they blocked curve. The more people that does it, the more they realise they messed up.


Good idea. Also, be good to copy your cancellation emails to IHG and/or Marriott as it reflects badly on them too.

Perhaps they might review their future cc partner and give Creation the boot…

has any one actually tried it today?

I’ve just paid for fuel with my Curve Card as of 17:30 and it’s authorised fine, but now showing up on my Creation app yet as a pending transaction…

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keep us posted :slight_smile:

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NS&I doesn’t work anymore, rejected by Creation.

I ‘GBITed’ a load of transactions this morning from my Creation card to another one and then got the text an hour later… I thought it was incredibly coincidental. Perhaps it was me that triggered this ‘immediate business decision’ :grimacing:


this might have been asked before , but is there a list of Mastercard/visa cards that work with Curve?

Yes, a business decision to stop people like you doing MS to NS&I. I can’t believe you actually called Creation to complain that they are stopping you recycling money using their cards to earn hotel points! Madness


Not sure how long it will take - this has been 2½ years and counting…

Yep I got this earlier today regarding my IHG card.

This came just two weeks after Creation randomly, instantly and without notification or warning reduced my credit limit by 90%.

My view on this is that they clearly don’t deserve my business if that’s how they’re going to behave. No business worth doing business with makes a negative change to a customer without explaining why. The fact they did it with immediate effect with no explanation is inexcusable to me.

They clearly don’t care about my custom, so I already have a new credit card on the way - one that actually works with Open Banking and Apple Pay - and Creation can shove it!

I can only assume that they don’t want to be in the credit card business anymore because they’re not acting like they do. Maybe IHG and Marriott aren’t willing to subsidise them anymore after Covid.

I received a message from Creation today stating that with immediate effect my Creation card (Marriott) would no longer be accepted if used via Curve. Any idea why?

By card scheme do you mean Mastercard or Visa? If so you can’t, because you’re not actually a customer of Mastercard or Visa. Your contract is with Creation and Curve - not with Mastercard or Visa. Curve and Creation are effectively the customers of Mastercard and Visa rather than yourself - the cards we have all actually belong to the Creation and Curve and they can withdraw them any time. You can certainly complain to Creation, but it seems unlikely to be successful unless they have a change of heart - it’s a business decision for them. Other card issuing companies have done similar things over the years, such as banning payments for crypto currencies or in certain countries. I guess Creation’s terms and conditions would be worth looking over

IHG hasn’t had a happy time in the credit card market. I remember reading a few years ago that the cards were previously issued by Barclays and IHG ended the relationship with them because pretty much everything went wrong. Barclays kept getting the number of points customers had earned wrong and customers had to chase up everything. It all apparently ended in a sea of customer complaints.

Actually anyone can make a complaint to the card scheme about an licensee. In this case we would be able to lodge a formal complaint with MasterCard about creation.

The cost to creation by way of a fee is £250 for complaint, this is charged by way of encouraging the credit company (creation) to resolve the complaint so it’s not escalated.

The complaint could be on the basis that they refused the chargeback in the annual fee and you feel they should not.

Most people here recharge to creation, 100% of my transactions in the last 2 years have been on Curve to Creation and so by removing this option for all transactions means you are removing a service that I have paid for.

Stopping all curve transactions regardless of weather it’s to pay an Amex bill or a local Aldi bill is to remove service.

It would be interesting to see how MasterCard would judge the complaint given both cards are MasterCard.

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Am I only one who was using Curve with a Creation branded card (not IHG/Marriott) ?