Credit and Debit Cards declined

It seems that some of my cards are fighting against the CURVE principle.

I have one debit card (Nationwide BS UK) and one credit card (Vanquis Bank UK) that are periodically blocked. (needless to say there isn’t a funds issue)

The reason appears to be the CRV prefix on the transaction.

PLEASE can you address this? It’s inconvenient and annoying.

As an investor, I’m not impressed.


Did you asked those banks why they block legal transactions?

Because they don’t earn money from those transactions?

I use it with a Nationwide card everyday and haven’t had issues so I don’t think it’s Curve in this case.

Curve get the 0.35% when the card is used at a merchant (UK), then potentially pay 1% cashback if within 90d or a higher tier and the right selected merchant. Then presumably curve had to pay 0.35% when making the online payment to the backing card. I’m unsure how this works otherwise. I imagine every card issuer would block curve if the fee is being swallowed. The part don’t get is how curve profit.

For the underlying card it doesn’t make a difference if the charging merchant is Curve or a regular store. They get the same money.

Whilst I don’t use my Nationwide Card as an underlying card that often, on the occasions I have I too have never had an issue. I’d suggest as a previous comment suggests asking Nationwide why the transaction was declined.

I have a IHG Credit Card (Creation) that I use mostly as the underlying payment method. On a few rare instances they’ve declined transactions for security but a quick phone call has sorted it out (on average once a year). You might have similar success with Nationwide.