Credit card expiring

Hello, my Visa credit card, which is loaded on Curve, is expiring this 30 of june 2022.

I received my new Visa from my bank: it has the same number but different CVV and expiring date.

I can’t find a way on the app to modify the expiring date of the card and insert the new CVV.

I read on a FAQ to try to remove the previous card and insert the new one but the app doesn’t let me to do it.

What shall I do?

Any chance you only have one underlying card on Curve? When removing a card it can not be active, so in order to be able to remove the card, first select your Curve Cash card as the active one and then remove your expiring card and re-add it with the new details.
If you have multiple cards on Curve you can select any other card to make active before removing your expiring card and re-adding it with the new details.

Thanks for your answer. Effectively I only have on credit card on the app but I but I still can’t find how to do what you suggest: cash Curve is already set automatically, I don’t find any other possible selection to change anything on my credit card. Could you please be more precise? thank you.

That’s not good enough, you need to select your Curve Cash card as the active card, before you will be able to remove your underlying credit card and re-add it.
You simply make your Curve Cash card the active card by tapping on it (“Tap to select and pay”).

Sorry but it doesn’t work, the Curve Cash has only one option and is already set

Please provide screenshots. Thank you.

You don’t need to go in the options menu to make the card active. You just need to click on the picture of the card in the view where you see the picture of the card and the transactions you made with it

here it is the screenshot

Thanks for providing a screenshot. You can make the Curve Cash card the active card by clicking on the card image. I can see from your screenshot that your Curve Cash card currently is not your active card and your expiring Credit card is the active one.

I did some more testing and it looks like to be able to select the Curve Cash card as the active card you first have to turn off the automatic spend option of the card!

I did what you said but still doesn’t work. . It appears the written “Tap to play” on the Curve cash but nothings change. When I try to tap on the Curve cash it appears an alert which says “No balance. All transactions will be declined. please select another card with enough funds” and so it doesn’t let me to select the Curve cash as the active card

here it is the second screenshot

If you are certain it is not more than a warning and you are indeed not able to select the Curve Cash card as the active one I think you have three options.

  1. Get some balance on your Curve cash card, for example by using Curve Rewards, so you will be able to select it as the active card;
  2. (Temporarily) Add another underlying card for example a Revolut one and make that card the active one;
  3. Contact Curve support (from the app or by email and explain your issue in detail, providing screenshots.

Just to be 100% sure it also isn’t possible to add your new card without removing the old expiring one, right?

I confirm I’m not able to add the new card. I tried many times yesterday but the verification process didn’t work and now the app requires to verify the old card too but I still can’t do it

I wrote a mail at the email address you gave me, I hope to be able to solve

Did you find a fix for this? I have this issue where it says attempts exceeded and I can’t remove the card and start again as I have no other cards.