Credit Card Merchant Categories - Not Working

Prior to the shut down, the proper merchant credit cards were passed through to my credit card company, Chase. Now everything seems to have the category of Professional Services which means I’m not getting 5-10x points on certain category purchases like groceries.

Is this issue known and planning to be corrected? It’s a very big reason why I use Curve to make sure I’m using the right card to get my points.

This is a well known issues since the Wirecard debacle 2-3 weeks ago. When Curve brougjt things inhouse to get back up over a heroic weekend, they probably had to throw all ”special integrations” overboard and just focus on getting regular transactions back up in working condition.

No comments has been made on the forum as to when or even if it would return but I am very sure Curve are aware of it since it has been mentioned here before in at least ten different threads already.

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