Credit Card Protections with Curve USA

I would like to know if I purchase something using my Curve USA card that charges my individual credit card, do I still have access to all my credit card protections like extended warranty protection and dispute resolution services and the like or does Curve USA card act almost like a storefront and I have to go through curve for any disputes or issues I have and do I lose such protections from my credit card company? This to me would be a smaller issue for small transactions like gas but would make me think twice for large purchases where Curve USA customer service is slow and difficult and almost nonexistent. Any clarification is appreciated as Curve USA customer service refuses to answer this basic question.

Hello @Michael3,

no you lose your underlaying cards protection and chargeback rights.

Merchant <> Curve <> Issuing Bank (underlaying card)

If you would chargeback with your issuing bank then Curve would receive a chargeback notification not the merchant. All chargeback requests are made via Curve.

If you chargeback a Curve transaction you would chargeback the service Curve offers and not the product/service from the merchant.

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