Credit cards bonuses excluded when paying by Curve

Dear Curve, members,
Banks in Czech republic are updating its terms and conditions towards using benefits when paying by credit cards with curve.

Thanks that, there are no cashback s for example so to obtain the bonus, I am forced to pay directly by bank’s card, not curve.

As huge fan and investor of curve, that is obviously something against my wish.

Do you have any ideas or plans how to fix this?

For example: Style credit card by Raiffeisen Bank, Czech Republic, or similar situation with business credit card by Moneta bank, Czech Republic.

Thank you!


Yes yes @Ardno, all my RB CZ cards (Life,, DE LUXE) no longer generate reward bonuses from November 2019 when paying using Curve card. :disappointed_relieved::angry: I don’t like it either but I’m afraid Curve is unable to do anything about that :slightly_frowning_face:, it’s definitely not Curve’s fault…

Potvora Rajfka…


The same in Poland. From December 2019 when I pay by Curve I don’t get miles&more points. I have to pay by credit card directly to collect points :confused:

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potvora Raifka :innocent::innocent::joy::+1:

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Well, do you use curve or credit card than?

I started to discuss with the bank, right now I am in complaint process with bank, which will probably lead to nowhere… so far, I started to use my credit card for now, waiting for more info.

Hopefully, there is some way to discuss that in @Curve_Marie team as this problem will only raise in Europe and continuously decrease value of using the company products,…

For some purchases which generate reward bonuses I stopped using Curve and use RB cards directly (e.g. 2 % from every online purchase with card), unfortunately yes… :confused:

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