Credit Cards that charge fees when using curve? Sticky?

Hi everyone,
Wondering if there is already an existing thread (which I can’t find; sorry!) showing from user experience which credit cards charge fees when used with Curve including for cash withdrawal.

For instance, I know some time ago that Tesco were one of the first to add fees and recently notice that Capital One started adding fees when I use with my Curve card.

At the moment Halifax, Aqua One and Fluid seem to be OK even for withdrawing small amounts of cash.

Does anyone have any similar experiences?
Thanks in advance.

All I’ve seen is Tesco, I know all my cards block if try to buy FX or try to use on items of that nature. Best advice is to not use for cash, Halifax provide Clarity international cash free of charge withdrawal card as long as you pay off by end of month. Far better for cash/credit card purposes