Credit on curve cash & how to spend


Receive £25 credit to Curve Cash and was hoping on the next purchase using the Samsung pay that credit would be used as part payment but this has not happened so wondering how else I can use this credit? or transfer it out?

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In order to be able to use Curve cash for a purchase, the purchase amount needs to be lower than the total amount of Curve cash. So in your case your purchase has to be less than £25.

During your purchase you need to have the Curve cash card selected or you need to have the ‘Use Auomatically’ option selected in the settings menu of the Curve cash card.

Another option would be to do a top up of your Revolut account with your Curve card with the Curve cash card selected as underlying card.

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ok, thanks for clarifying but surely if PayPal can manage taking any credit you may have and then taking the remainder from the card\bank account associated with the account then it can’t be that of a difficult feature to add? Curve is set as ‘use auto’


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