Credit or debit card

have over 10 credit cards and was so excited about getting curve card! Was on waiting list for quite some time before it finally arrived in USA. Got email to signup but was denied. why be denied if it is only a wallet that i can use with my other cards. i thought it was like the Fuze card. Isn’t curve card a Master Card Debit Card?

In Europe it is Mastercard debit card. USA feels like another planet (I dont know) :slight_smile:

they kind of tricked people into signing up saying it was a master card.

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is it possible to just get the debit card?

I am not a Curve employee, but I guess not. In the US the Curve card is a MasterCard credit card, only in Europe it’s a MasterCard debit card. You can check this by contacting Curve Support for the US at

Can someone from USA explain why is debitcard useful in USA ? Is there some merchants who preffer debit and not accept credit? Or if you get debit, then you dont have to mess with credit scores etc?

wanted to get curve card to put my credit cards on it so that i can carry 1 card instead of 10

There are a few that take debit and not credit. Some gas stations give the cash price for debit cards which is lower than the credit card. Unfortunately you never know until you swipe when you go to a new station.

At least you guys got your card! I have over 10 credit cards and i was declined.
My wife was able to get hers ,but didn’t try it out yet. Hope she has no problems.

Some users prefer to have money come straight out of their checking account, rather than put it on a credit card, so they would use debit. Also, the swipe fees for debit cards are lower, so some places charge less for debit than credit.