Crowdcube holdup

Honestly, what’s taking so long? It’s almost been 2 months since the funding event and we’ve barely received any news or updates.

How long does it take for them to issue out those digital certificates?

I just want my red investor card already


Wait for another few weeks to get your investor card. At least until December if not 2020.

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I’m concerned at how long the issue is taking. Having checked CrowdCube yesterday, it’s still showing as pending.

It’s disappointing that there is no update from Curve to those who are user investors.

I noticed today that Crowdcube has moved the Curve investment from “Processing” to “Complete”. Not sure if this has happened for everyone, but thought it might be helpful to those of you that are waiting for an update.

Mine still shows processing.

Mine still says processing in the mobile app, even though I can download the certificate from the web version.

Ah you are right, the mobile app says Processing but on the Web I can download the certificate.

It usually takes ages for the rewards. For example, I invested in FreeTrade around April ( anyone want invite?:D) and I just got my reward in October. So just be patient