Crowdcube Payment Via Curve

Hi all,

I’ve run into a stressful situation today where I used a Tesco Credit Card for my Curve payment and noticed Tesco recently had charged me a “cash fee” for a payment. I then proceeded to ask about my pending Crowdcube Payment and they are not sure if this will also come under a “credit/cash” fee?

Curve have said this is under a purchase but I need absolute clarity this doesn’t get charged as a “credit/cash” transaction or will incur hefty interest from Tesco.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I know Crowdcube accept credit cards anyway / checking if can cancel and just use debit card instead.

All very painful…

No fees at my payment

I have seen some users report that recently any transactions with Curve, using any Tesco underlying card are treated as Cash Advance by Tesco, regardless of where you make that transaction. I would avoid using Tesco cards with Curve to be safe until there is clarification.


Agreed, after much hassle and a lot of help from Curve I got all parties to resolve my issue / had to divert payment to another card,

Very disappointed with new Tesco Credit Card ! All Be aware of this!

Thank you Curve for great support on sorting this.

You are one of the lucky ones getting Lunar Way! Are you happy with it? Me, after 11 years living in DK they dont allow me to, I need a danish passport to apply for…

It’s fine
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