Crowdfunding Closed

Crowdfunding Closed

Our crowdfund is now closed. We’re delighted to announce that we’ve raised an incredible £9.9 million in 54 hours.

The funds raised from crowdfunding and our successful Series C funding round will accelerate our international growth while we also expand our product offering.

We’d like to thank each and every one of you for supporting us on this journey. Our 2019 investors, new investors, customers and wider Curve community: THANK YOU!

Stay tuned: we have big plans.


Hi. For investing more than 17£ you offered “Access to our Community Investor Group” but it doesn’t say what you can do when you join. Also investors in first round got a investor metal card and it would be nice if you could give it in second round too.

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I was wondering about that too. Any additional rewards that previous investors don’t have already at that level?


After given access to the Community Investor Group you will be able to post and read in the closed (but then open for you) Crowdfunding Investors Category.


How about any other perks such as investor card or anything more?

For this Crowdfunding investment round there will be no Investor cards.

Other perks can be found here:


Thanks. Will cancel this round investment and maybe join again in the future when more perks will be available again for low-end investors :slight_smile:

Astonishing amount of money raised :grin::+1:

You have a lot of people who have faith in your company (including me). I am sure you will put the the astonishing amount of money raised into good use :grin::+1:

Congratulations and well done :clinking_glasses:

Still processing? How long do you estimate the processing will take? The money has not yet been taken from my account.

Typically takes a few weeks tbh :blush: