Crowdfunding Event

Crowdfunding event: 2019-09-02T17:30:00Z

More information about the Crowdfunding and FAQs can be found here: Curve is Crowdfunding

We aim to stream this even and/or publish it for everyone to see :smile:


Do we know yet if Curve investment will be eligible for EIS relief? Quite a few other companies on Crowdcube have pre-approval for this.


Do we have to sign up to the event to live stream it or will it be a separate link?

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I’ll be on my way home from work so will have to wait for the upload :+1:

Is it even being streamed or uploaded?

Having looked at the email about what how much each investment gets you. If I’m a metal card holder currently and don’t invest enough for the metal investment card will I still keep my current metal card or would this change to a plastic investor one as if this is the case I won’t be investing as would need to put in minimum £1000 to keep a metal card

Was already answered in different thread - after the investment you can decide if you want to keep your current card (in your case black) or you would like to go with the investor card.So you can choose the black with all the benefits.

Hey @Curve_Marie, are you going to live stream the event?
How? YouTube?
Will it be public or private, on a specific link?


We are doing everything we can to set up the sound and video to record the event. Our fingers are crossed that we’ll pull it off on time. Seems like live streaming is out of reach this time. We are now looking into how we can best record the event and have it published before the crowdfunding kicks off.


Did you get live streaming setup in the end?

No, but we did manage to get the sounds and video recording up and running. We’ll aim to upload it this evening. Murphy’s law tends to influence these things :crossed_fingers::grimacing:


On YouTube please :slightly_smiling_face: I like to watch at 1.5x speed

Yes, we’ll upload it to our Youtube channel :smiley: I’ll post the link here as well.


Would be great if you push it as soon it is recorded. The event seems to be about 3 hours, if you do any break, maybe you could record it in two video parts and push the first one during you record the second one

We will have to check that it worked and prep it before publishing, however, it will happen ASAP. Not going home before it’s done :sweat_smile:


Make it an early night, I go to bed at 10 to be up for 5.45 :sweat_smile:

Was there a link? Can you send please ?

Hi @Anj777. This is still being worked on. The link will be posted as soon as its ready :slight_smile:

It was an interesting event tonight. For me the most interesting thing was that Curve apparently somehow make a net profit from interchange fees (though on this and other financial matters there was no detail.)

Apparently the average spend figure they’ve quoted is across all users, not just active, though it does skew high and presumably has a long tail of users that don’t spend much.

On the vision of the company, I thought Shachar presented pretty well and was reasonably compelling, but when it came to more concrete topics the plans (and answers to questions) were a little hand-wavy. There was not a lot of detail. Some of that was obviously due to commercial sensitivity, but some worried me. For example he repeatedly hammered their customer acquisition rate, but gave a pretty weak reason for not divulging numbers of active users.

The other big thing I would have liked to see was a product roadmap. They showed off a few features that are coming fairly soon, but there was no indication of the longer term roadmap, to marry the long-term aspiration and the current state of the product.

I haven’t decided yet, but I’m leaning against investing. I’d be interested to hear thoughts from others.