Crowdfunding Group and Category

:wave: Hi Crowdfunding Investors,

We have created a dedicated space for you on the community.

Here you will find the latest news about your investor rewards and receive updates for your eyes only :smile: So basically we’re letting you in on our secret club, which is why it’s limited to verified crowdfunding investors.

You can request access here.

We hope you enjoy the new space!


Hye @Curve_Marie is it still possible to contribute? I tried to but could not complete as I was outside the UK… If I did wrong how can I contribute?


Hello @ebretteville,

The crowdfunding round closed a while back. We might do another round in the future, but we haven’t made a decision yet :slight_smile:


Will it be available outside UK?

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I guess so, last one also was available outside the UK. I invested and I live in the Netherlands, so unclear to me why you couldn’t invest last time.

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