Crowdsource merchant data

This was more or less already covered in Update/Correct Merchant Information, but I think this idea could really benefit if it was implemented in a more extended way.

I suggest adding a feature in the app that would allow not only editing/adding merchant name or logo for our past purchases, but also rate them and write reviews Google maps-wise. Such solution would be beneficial for both users and Curve itself.


  • would be presented with elegant merchant names and logos,
  • would be able to express their own (dis)satisfaction with products and services,
  • would have access to others’ ratings (for example for local merchants via the Curve Travel Tab).

Curve would get even better benefits, such as:

  • large database about CC merchants that wouldn’t need to be bought,
  • a lot of reliable information about the quality of merchants (you can fake a Google review but you can’t fake a purchase linked to a real identity) both for internal purposes (data analytics, increasing security), as well as for selling it for other companies.

This social element of the product works great for Google, and in my opinion it would work even better with Curve. For further thought: this data machine would work even better with some bonus programs (Curve points for reviews?)

It would be nice if we could work “does your Curve work here” into the mix as well - would help them fix any acceptance issues should any arise.

No offense but the second Curve start asking for reviews to sell from me is the second Curve either cuts me in or gives me an opt-out from contribution to that database.

I mean… you wouldn’t have to leave any reviews or use the system at all. It would just be there.

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Don’t think you’re legally allowed to change a merchants name by Visa/MC rules. Only the display name within the customers account could be modified.
Also don’t like the idea of eating merchants, there are so many rules any website needs to follow when supporting such a feature. I.e. Google maps gets regulaly sued for not removing wrong restaurant data / reviews

This is what I meant, sorry for any confusion. I understand Curve can’t actually edit names of merchants :slight_smile:

Rating? Or editing?

I don’t think suing Curve for reviews would be possible should Curve make users individually liable - our libel laws here shouldn’t prosecute people for genuine opinions so long as they aren’t actual lies either.

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