Crypto cashback and the refund - not working

I’m paying for subscription and an owner of rose metal card, and I have 2 issues to address and I’m struggling to get proper help from the chat:

  1. Recently I’ve discovered that for a considerable amount of time I have not been receiving my crypto cashback, don’t know what to do as I’m already trying to resolve it for few months and I still got no help whatsoever.

  2. Most recent issue: I’ve purchased a product from a clothing online shop, and it was purchased via my Curve card (obviously through a different card that was attached), when I returned the product the merchant had issued a refund, I can see the refund in Curve but the money hasn’t been credited back to my attached card.

Considering the subscription amount I’m paying this is actually ridiculous… and I’m becoming more and more worried about using Curve going forward.

Urgently need help with that,


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When did the refund appear on Curve?
You might just have to wait for some more time before your bank processes the refund, which does not depend on Curve.