Crypto coin wallets/spending/buy/sell

Deposit crypto currency into a curve crypto wallet, with ability to spend via curve card. Maybe even purchase crypto in future.

Great idea. We need that :+1:

In the meantime you could add your Wirex card or any other Crypto card (I have the feeling these spring up like :mushroom:'s after the :cloud_with_rain:, nowadays) to your Curve wallet and start spending Crypto using Curve.

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Please would it be possible to enable Curve to be used with crypto wallets and Asset based wallets like those linked to gold? At the moment Curve only allows linking to fiat based accounts but nowadays there are several accounts that are based on cryptocurrency and gold as currency. This would make it truly universal and a one card to rule them all no matter what type of currency the underlying card uses. [poll type=regular public=true chartType=bar]

  • Vote for cryptocurrency and gold currency wallets to be enabled in Curve
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While this is a good idea, there’s already a company that you can convert your crypto, and you even get your own Visa card for it (I’ve connected mine to curve) plus you get cashback on every purchase. There are a lot more awesome perks with the company But even though there is this company. It would be great to have a crypto wallet with curve

I personally prefer Curve not getting into crypto nonsense because the laws regarding it in my country are extremely complicated and inconvenient, and I wouldn’t want my tax agency asking me if I have crypto or not and having to dig documents to prove I’m not laundering money and have no crypto assets to pay tax towards.

As long as these laws stay like this, I prefer that world being separate from the products I use.

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Hi, curve would be great to use as a crypto currency wallet and card. Any plans for this?

Would be great to have an option within the app to be able to buy and sell crypto including a crypto wallet. Similar to, who also do a metal card but I think if Curve were to integrate crypto into their app it would imo be a better option than :slight_smile: