Crypto Rewards Live

I’ve just gone into the app and see that crypto Rewards is now live, and you can choose what crypto to be paid in.

But the question I have is, the crypto we accumulate via cashback, can it be withdrawn into our own wallet or does it have to stay on Curve?


Here is the T&C

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On T&Cs isn´t clear what happens with crypto rewards on Curve X
What´s the amount of the cashback?
If I try to get Curve X from standard plan to get Crypto Rewards system indicates that it´s only for black and metal, but T&C says just the opposite
I don´t understand

I get an error when I tap activate


Same. Can’t get it to activate


Yup. “Something went wrong”, what a teaser (same as smart rules)


Works now


But crypto rewards didn’t work on Curve X, isn’t it?

Is there any place where i can see log of my crypto gains? Same like curve cash allways come after transaction to curve card. Now i can see only total balance of crypto (of course i use it only once now)… It possible that im not just find right place yet too :smiley:


yeah cool feature but the user interface seem suboptimal to say the least. Also no notification about receiving a cashback, it’s just there :slight_smile:

If you could have toggled the “currency” used for cashbacks to be GBP or Bitcoin and otherwise work the same as previously it would have felt more seamless (also having EUR as an option would be great)


Where is the setting to choose crypto ?

It’s in the curve cash settings view


Does someone else still have the error since the beginning with « okay » or « retry » ?

Me… :sob:

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Yep, I am on Curve Black and I cannot use this as well. It just pops up an error when trying to choose crypto to set as a reward.

Does anyone know if this feature is available for grandfathered Curve Legacy Black customers? I don’t see this option in the app at all and customer support haven’t been particularly useful so far. For reference, I’m on the old rewards scheme but am also looking to get that’s switched over to the new one.

Not reallt crypto as you MUST sell to curve cash for a 2% fee… cannot move off to your own wallet- sad :frowning:

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How come curve x gets crypto cashback as there is no cashback on the x subscription, only black gets 3 retailers and metal 6?

Rewards as booking, for example

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Are you sure? Did you manage to go to the end of the setting up process ?

Like many, I get the error message, I wonder if it works for anybody :thinking: