Crypto Rewards

How do you get rewards in a cryptocurrency instead of Curve Cash points ???

Curve Metal > and then to Curve Fronted fee (almost at the bottom)



Where did you see this exactly ?

Thanks :blush:

In PLU would not be bad…

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I just stumbled upon the page below, but (since the URL has en-us in it) it looks like this is a page meant for Curve US customers only.

Would be very cool!
Hoping it’s not limited to US then :nerd_face:

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only downside with BTC cashback is that you will never want to use it, just HODL :smiley:


Oh God, I hope this offer isn’t limited to America. Why do Americans always get everything they need? I love experiments, but not so much that I change my place of residence several times a year, not only in the form of countries but also continents, haha. I already read from Young and Thrifty how to buy shares in Canada, in case the lower part of North America does not work properly. But after all, we all want to receive as many bonuses as possible while performing as few actions as possible. So, I’ll wait for good news.

No, it isn’t:

Crypto Rewards are live, please continue discussion here: