Currency conversion Cost preview / allowed to add cards that are not in my own name?

  1. BEFORE I buy product in another currency, I would like to see how much it will cost me in my currency. POSSIBLE?
  2. Besides my cards, can I add my wife’s, my father’s etc to the same curve account?

Thank you!
Never used google finance. Could you post an example?
I appreciate it.

P.S. If I wanted to buy now in USD per GF (1.2192) $10 would cost me €8.20
Is that the idea?

Yes. This is an example.

This is against the t&c, you’re only allowed to add cards in your own name


Not very accurate. Just made a $13.98 purchase and was charged €11.84 instead of €11.78 that google gave seconds apart…:frowning:

It’s very accurate if you take the weekend FX fee into account. This fee is 0,5% when both the transaction and the card currencies are one of EUR, USD or GBP.


Oh yeah, I forgot about the weekend thing!


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