Currency conversion does not apply to Curve card limits tab in the app

Issue: I paid ~1210 PLN (zł) and limits tab show it as 1210 GBP

How to reproduce it: Pay for example 1000 PLN using Curve card, go to Account-> Card Limits

OS: Android 10

Device: Samsung S9

App version: 2.36.0


I have the same problem.
My limit is GBP 3750 daily but i can spend only HUF 3750.
The problem exists since i got a new card ( because my old card was stolen ).

OS : Android 10
Device : Xiaomi MI A3
App version : 2.40.1

i had the same. you need to contact support, they will change the currency from gbp to huf. check GBIT, you won’t be able to use it for transactions above 5000 huf…

Seems that there is no real support at all.
I had an answer from a robot which wanted to send me a new card. I think that is beacuse i wrote in my message that the problem exists since curve sent me my new card. Then i sent another message using different words ( replacement card instead of new card ) and this way i managed to bypass that stupid robot. But the human support staff said to me that my bank declined the transaction which is not true ( in that case i would get an sms text message about the decline from my bank ). Since then i even do not have any answers from them. Also seems that Curve team do not see this thread.
Anyway i have seen your messages on hungarian fintech forum on index also about this issue.