Currency conversion does not apply to Curve card limits tab in the app

Issue: I paid ~1210 PLN (zł) and limits tab show it as 1210 GBP

How to reproduce it: Pay for example 1000 PLN using Curve card, go to Account-> Card Limits

OS: Android 10

Device: Samsung S9

App version: 2.36.0


I have the same problem.
My limit is GBP 3750 daily but i can spend only HUF 3750.
The problem exists since i got a new card ( because my old card was stolen ).

OS : Android 10
Device : Xiaomi MI A3
App version : 2.40.1

i had the same. you need to contact support, they will change the currency from gbp to huf. check GBIT, you won’t be able to use it for transactions above 5000 huf…

Seems that there is no real support at all.
I had an answer from a robot which wanted to send me a new card. I think that is beacuse i wrote in my message that the problem exists since curve sent me my new card. Then i sent another message using different words ( replacement card instead of new card ) and this way i managed to bypass that stupid robot. But the human support staff said to me that my bank declined the transaction which is not true ( in that case i would get an sms text message about the decline from my bank ). Since then i even do not have any answers from them. Also seems that Curve team do not see this thread.
Anyway i have seen your messages on hungarian fintech forum on index also about this issue.

My limits is also 9000 GBR daily but system calculate 1CZK like 1 GBR on daily counter, so limit recalculated to gbr will be in real around 300 GBR only :frowning:

And support is really slow for get answer about it

Really? :exploding_head: I haven’t noticed that… :dizzy_face: Do you have UK BIN Curve card or newer one with CZ BIN? Will check that today as I’m expecting to pay for my iTesco delivery. :money_mouth_face:

I have investor cz bin, i am asked for replacement 14day ago due some issues with accepting uk bin

Just FYI, works OK with UK BIN Curve card - just got charged approx. 3500 CZK which counted as approx. 120 GBP towards limits. :+1:

(And received 1 % Curve cashback, 3 % MCO card cashback and 2 % Tesco Clubcard bonus. :money_mouth_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Seems that all not UK bin card is affected

Definitely not. My Spanish BIN card works with the proper limits, they even display in Euros in the Card Limits tab instead of GBP.

all those national BIN cards (and user accounts) are affected, where limits are still displayed in GBP instead of the national card’s currency

your limits are already adjusted to EUR, that’s the only reason why you’re not experiencing issues

Yes. I just responded to:

Which is not true.

And there is still serious problem ( at least with Hungarian cards ) after the support adjust the limit to calculate in HUF instead of GBP : almost all transactions are declined but the underlying card is charged ( and the amount released after a few days )
Believe me i know what i am saying, i had an UK bin card, i have used it without a problem, but it was stolen an i got a hungarian replacement card which is useless.

I have used my curve card nearly a year for everyting that I have had to pay - I have been very happy using it.

I have just got my GBP based card switched with a card in DKK. Before I got my card switched I was very dilligent and asked the support agent to make sure that my spend limit would follow me to the new card - which was confirmed. (I had earlier got my monthly and yearly limit extend upon giving extra information).

Today I had a transaction of DKK 1975 declined (I had earlier in the day made a transaction og DKK 493,-). My transaction of DKK 1975 was declined with reference to spend limit reached. I suspect that CURVE have mixed up earlier limit of GBP 2000,- and now applies the same “numerical” to the DKK issued card. (DKK 1975,- is about 230 GBP).

I have now send a ticket to support - But I do not find it logical that CURVE has established an anti embarrasement function - When own action causes embarrasement to customers who in no way are over theier limits?