Currency converted payments not working

Up until Tuesday, payments backed by a USD card using curve worked fine. But they’re now blocked, I don’t know by whom.

I’m no where near any curve limit but these are all internet payments which may be triggering fraud alerts. It could also be Bank of America (BoA), I’ve not had a chance to phone them yet.

What does work is setting the card at GBP and using BoA’s visa rate, it’s their travel rewards card so no painful added fee. It’s odd that this works straight away after a rejected attempt of we’re considering it’s BoA doing the blocking.

Curve’s interbank rate is slightly better than visa so I’d like to resolve this. OTOH I do need to keep remembering to turn off on weekends where curve’s rate is considerably worse. Also I spend £4k+ on average so could trivially exceed the blue £500 limit…except I think that’s mostly spent on weekends… It’s all complicated :slight_smile:

Has anyone else recently experienced failed payments based on the currency setting?

To follow up, I can use it via gpay with $ backing. It’s a weekend so I’ll go back to £s and I’ll try calling BoA from Monday of it blocks further payments.