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Hi guys

I just got my curve card and I instantly have questions about how to use it.
I live in Sweden and I have two underlying cards.
Card 1 is issued by a Norwegian bank, and Card 2 is Swedish.

I just made a purchase here in Sweden with Curve using Card 1 as active.
In the curve app I can see both NOK and SEK in the transaction.
Everything looks correct.
But when I visit the cards issuer website I can see that they added some FX rate
(from NOK to SEK) which made my purchase more expensive when calculated to SEK.
I saw that I can change the cards currency in the app.
It defaults to NOK. What happens if I change that to SEK?
Will that solve my issue?

I will soon visit GB.
The curve web site says: “For Curve Blue (free) customers, you can withdraw up to £200 per month with no currency conversion fees.”

Both Card 1 and Card 2 have foreign exchange fee.
Can use Curve with my two cards to withdraw money from a cash machine without any fees?
(I will do this mo-fri, not weekend)
What about normal mastercard transactions?


Though it is issued by a Norwegian bank is this Card 1 a SEK card? If yes, changing Card 1 tot SEK in the Curve app should indeed solve your issue.

I guess it is a SEK card. I will switch to SEK and see what happens.
Any ideas about my questions about travelling to GB and use curve?

To summarize how to avoid fees both in Sweden and GB.
Make sure both cards have currency SEK.
Withdraw <£200, Mo-fri from either card using curve.
I will try this and see if it works.
Thank you.

Edit: How does Curve override the underlying cards fee?

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Dont forget with curve you pay weekend currency exchange rate

Yes, withdraw Mo-fri

From one of the links i see:
“Please note, if the currency of your transaction and the currency of the underlying payment card used with Curve is the same, Curve will always pass through the transaction with no additional fees.”

Ok, but this still means that I will not pay fee when using curve with my cards which have fx rate fee, right?

Yes, just be certain your cards are set to SEK when you are using them in UK (and in Sweden)! In that case Curve will do the conversion and not your underlying cards.

Curve charges your card(s) in SEK. Curve first converts from GBP to SEK and then sends the amount in SEK to your underlying card.

Do you know if I can change currency on the earlier transaction to get rid of the extra fee?
The only option I see to fix this is to “Go back in time” and switch to card 2.

This (changing currency for card 1 in the Curve app) will not work retrospectively.

But this should indeed fix it, because it removes the transaction from card 1 and places it on card 2.

I got it!
Thank you very much

Good thread - good forum support. :grinning: